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22 Nov Marilyn Monroe or Raquel Welch? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston? We resolve every debate you've ever had with your buddies about the sexiest women ever. 22 Oct Look, we're not scientists. We just like arming you with any and all information that might help get you get laid. Which is why when we saw that dating app Clover published a series of maps outlining the hottest and ugliest cities in the United States, we knew we had to do our civic duty and share them with. 14 Aug Not satisfied this will help you meet all those hot women -- err, all those women you're attracted to? Click below to see our 10 picks for the best ways to meet them.

So where do you guys normally go to meet gorgeous women? Curious where you guys prowl. In the summer, the best place to find the most attractive women is the bars and clubs on the coasts. This could not be more true.

I can personally attest to this, as I am from one of these beach towns. Big cities on either coast or Texas below the Mason Dixon are always the answer. Then you just have to hammer out the type you're looking for. Go to bars and clubs. Go to a nice higher-end gym. Troll grad school happy hour locations. Never thought of the grad school happy hour locations.

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Pretty close to SMU so not a bad option. Love Dallas, and I know the talent is great, but curious for better ideas then just Tinder which I do well on, just wanna bump up a point or two.

Where Are All The Hot Women

I've been down here two years, I'm going to miss it although I'm moving on to better things, but just in the two years I've been here, the food scene, the nightlife, and everything has gotten notably better. Uptown and Deep Ellum are good to party. Also make a drive down every now and then to Austin for 6th Street, which is in a league of its own. It's also a days drive to Houston which is pretty fun too, especially their Midtown neighborhood.

It'll be great when they build that high speed rail line between Dallas and Houston.

I've been working out at 9Round franchise kickboxing studio and the girls there are intensely hot. Megan Young, a year-old p. This article comes from someone with experience.

I'm told that breast implants were originally invented in Dallas. Don't know if that's an urban legend or not but they are wonderful.

The boobs here are like a work of art.

I know I will need it to survive all the abuse, so trying to figure out the best ways. Correction time, is it finally happening? Please don't be lame about it either. But the 9 and 10 are still completely out of their league. I recently just started actively looking for another job.

I have found over the years that it has a lot to do with what city and region of an area you are, just going to speak for the USA here though in my experience European cities generally have more attractive women. A lot of this depends on what your type is, Minnesota is great for guys into the tall blonde model types but horrible for a guy into anything else.

Florida probably has the highest amounts of good looking women I have ever seen, so many MILFs in Tampa and a lot of good looking Where Are All The Hot Women women in South Florida. A good mix of latinas and blonde party girl types, not the state to be in if you are into Asian girls but I don't think any area of the country is as good as South Florida when it comes to having a high concentration of good looking women.

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Florida girls, despite some negative stereotypes that may surround read more, ooze sex appeal. Arizona probably comes in at a close second, I think Arizona St might be the best looking public university in the entire country.

When I stayed there for a summer, I was amazed at the quality of women in the area, almost as good as Florida but I give Florida the edge since the latinas there were hotter a draw between the white girls though. Texas is really good in some areas but awful in others.

I have found that in some areas, Texas women are drop dead gorgeous while in others it isn't so.

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A friend of mines who goes to San Marcos says it is the best decision he made in his life in terms of women. I found California to be highly overrated, everyone keeps prizing the state as the best looking but I think it is overrated.

Single men outnumber single women in most of the major cities and the women are probably the pickiest in the country, you need to be in the showbiz to get some quality there. California is only good if you like Asian women in my Where Are All The Hot Women. Check this out lot of the upper midwest states are highly underrated from my experience, so many good looking natural blondes.

The best part about it is that the natural blondes in those states are much more down to earth than see more counterparts in NYC who have countless rich guys chasing after them because those rich guys want the trophy wife or hot piece of arm candy.

That varies but generally it is the more crowded popular bars in town, Trader Joes during days that people like to go grocery shopping, co-ed athletic groups volleyball tends to have a lot of hot girls in it Get creative with it OP! Can confirm on Texas State San Marcos. I am somewhat familiar with SEC schools and I have to say, the consensus among my friends and is that most SEC schools aren't actually that great when it comes to hot girls and even the few that are, they aren't worth it.

Reason being that most of really hot girls are exclusively in sororities a select few sororities at that and almost exclusively go for football players or guys in certain fraternities. The schools are also located in secluded college towns for the most part Vandy being the exception to where if you are not well established in the school's social scene Greek Life and athletics being the only way to do thatyou're going to be SOL. Ideally, in terms of college, I think a lot of guys past undergrad age would be wise to pick colleges in big cities.

Most college towns, the ones in the SEC in particular, are terrible for most guys that are not a part of the undergrad college scene. Not only that but outside of Texas, Florida, Charleston, and Nashville; I find most southern women overrated. Or you could just pledge a fraternity. Have fun convincing an old row frat to give you a bid when you are in your 20s. You know my post was not directed at college freshmen right?

Trust me, there are more than enough highschoolers reading this site for my post to be relevant to someone. I am married now, but that town was a goldmine when I was in the army. So many tourists and wanna be country singers. Plus you never know who you will run into at a bar. IMO, Read more is the best southern city in terms of people, social life, and women.

I think Charleston is a close runner up but it is just too small and touristy for anyone to live there long term. I will also confirm the talent although admittedly link since I'm an Alum.

I bet there are a lot of hot women that frequent those locations: I actually have a trip to Colombia scheduled coming next February. Going to spend 6 weeks. Just as a heads up, there is no reciprocity agreement for child support with Colombia.

If you're trading in that market, it's all about Mastro's. Well, I live in Sweden, so basically everywhere yep, that makes up for our shitty flat organisations and high marginal tax. USA and UK might be good for finance, but lets be honest your women suck. Holy shit, I've been to both places myself and I am so very sorry for you guys. Sorry but your female intern colleagues at the commercial bank you interned at in White Plains aren't representative of US talent. I generally prefer brunettes and I love Latina women, thus Scandinavia would be terrible.

Would love to intern there. Could you hook up since you're already wanking off the VP there? Don't be mad, not my fault most most grils in murica are fat. I love how Postgradwonderer post didn't even mention the east coast lmfao. Outside of NYC, there is not that much talent on the east coast assuming you mean the northeast and the mid-Atlantic and NYC is good because of the transplants from across the USA and tourists visiting from other countries, not because of local women.

I find the women of the east coast to be some of the snottiest and most shallow women a guy can interact with. I think women wise, most other areas would be far better than the east coast. Say I have a thing for blondes, I am much better off in a midwestern state that Where Are All The Hot Women an abundance of these kinds of women who are also somewhat respectful and down to earth from my experience. Compare the same blonde to her east coast counterpart who is likely spoiled, Where Are All The Hot Women, and stuck up beyond belief.

It's just the attitudes and entitlement from girls on the east coast not nearly as bad as girls in some of the southern states though that makes me not want to recommend the place to guys unless they're willing to jump through a lot of loops and go through a lot of drama just for some action. Personally, I both enjoy and hate the challenge of girls in Washington, D. Most men here--in my competition pool--are well educated, drive nice cars, have high incomes, are in good shape, and are ambitious.

Where Are All The Hot Women competition is so unbelievable that women are amazingly picky and very stuck up about it.

In a way, however, it's good because it forces men to improve themselves. I'd be soooooo lazy if I were back in the Midwest again. I could care less about the competition, I just care about the quality. I found it hard to see too many good looking women in DC compared to Chicago or Miami.

Tons of beautiful women in D. Nevertheless, there are definitely pockets. Maybe I need to pay the city another visit then because that was definitely not the case when I was there. Either that or Florida and some midwestern cities spoiled me. May I recommend boutique fitness studios? I've been working out at 9Round franchise kickboxing studio and the girls there are intensely hot. What about MM and BB fitness studios, man?? I'm been trying to find a legitimate boxing or kickboxing type gym around here in Dallas.

Where Are All The Hot Women

Who knows may even give Crossfit the try. And on another note, I always ready your name as Virgin Tech 4Ever. Do you have Title Boxing or 9Round in your area?

Both large franchises that are quite popular generally with abundant hot girls. See more a 9Round pretty close just now on Google. Do you recommend it? What kind of atmosphere does it have?

I train pretty seriously fitness wise, so anything super 'relaxed' isn't too good of a fit for myself. At each station you'll do 3 minutes of exercise variations of jumping rope, squats, punching bag, kicking, mountain climbers, etc.