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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - "League Play" Skill Based Matchmaking! (BO2 Multiplayer)

From a different BOII Forum: "Admittedly, this has been present to a lesser extent in previous CODs (at least from my experience), but in every lobby there would at least be a few complete noobs. In BO2, supposedly there is a new "skill based matchmaking" that is present even in the public matches. I believe it. I can't seem . 26 Apr Skill based matchmaking has been a big controversy in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it looks like Treyarch has opted to take the route from Black Ops 2 . There is SBMM. noahgoa • 2 years ago. Won't be as bad as AW if it's like BO2! ben wills • 2 years ago. BO2 IS WHERE AW COPIED IT FROM. Is it KDR based, prestige-based, or both? I'mKD (have bad FPS on this terribad computer), but consistently get put up against 2KD higher players. How does skillbased matchmaking work? / BTs! After a year's worth of trying, finally got FAM! Awaiting Resident Evil 6 and Zelda 3DS.

Skill based matchmaking needs to go. The game was great fun when it came out until SBMM was put in it. Every game I'm struggling to even get a UAV. Every game you have to try your ass off and it's ridiculous.

And play against the same types of players everyone else is playing with. To have a good game u hav to try ur ass off and it makes the game a lot lesss fun. No one knows one way or the other if it is. The people that say it is, have no proof, the people that say it click to see more, have no proof.

Based on how deceptive and dishonest on how they advertised their game I would not trust the devs or Activision for a Is There Skill Based Matchmaking In Bo2.

Knowing Condrey's cryptic way, in a way he might be telling the truth, maybe it is truly matching players that have better stats based on their ping putting them at a disadvantage connection wise against players with lower stats, that would make what he is saying somewhat truthful but still very deceptive if that was really what was happening. I think iirc, I should connect to the same server as you I have no way of telling myself, but I've had a lot of southern people in lobbies on IW and a few on here, telling me I'm connecting further south, when I should be put on the Is There Skill Based Matchmaking In Bo2 one I will have to admit, so far today the games been mostly smooth That's when I noticed it more was last week I've never even muted anyone before on WWII.

East Coast Servers sometimes recognized dedi's, other times I think it is on player host Canada California and other western servers. Not familar with the dedi's in the areas above so those all might be personal hosts except the east coast. Texas and Arizona I get put on a lot but those play OK for the most part and I know those are dedi's.

Although, I haven't been put on these in awhile, since last week or earlier in the week.

Message 2 of It really comes down to the matchmaking should be purely based on ping. I know this because clan tags have area codes from around my area. Message 9 of

Barely ever do I get put on the two dedicated servers near Illinois. The only reason I am leaving the geo filter off is to see how stupid the matchmaking in this game is and so far, SHG is just as competant at matchmaking as they were with the launch of the game.

But hey, lets trust the DEV that thinks I will have a lower ping in a different country over miles away vs one in my own state less than 50 miles away.

Is There Skill Based Matchmaking In Bo2

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Black Ops 2 - Skill Based Matchmaking in Black Ops 3? (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer)

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Maybe someone has seen how other FPS leagues generally rank their players? But if you're doing random matchmaking in a league, how do you know a 'loss' for player A is really an indicator of their skill? Why you feel you should be matched against noobs anyway? Message 7 of

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Is There Skill Based Matchmaking In Bo2