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Regret Dating A Guys Do Ever Girl Not

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Guys you ever regret not giving a girl a chance?

Yes and now I'm married so I can't revisit that idea. My best friend in elementary, middle, and high school. I wish we had dated, but we had completely different life dreams. I really wanted children right away and a firm commitment, whereas he never wanted kids and wanted to travel/sleep around. 1 May Not all exes are equal. Even as you grieve some relationships, you also usually feel relieved. The end of the relationship means you are free to do the thing most girls prevent you from doing when you're together: practicing your independence. Suddenly the pressure is gone and the only person you have. Im gonna be honest back in college I met this girl and we hit it off pretty good. I believe she was waiting Now looking back I super regret not asking her out and would do it in a heartbeat if I got the chance. Im not I don't know if I would call it regret, but there was one guy I met out clubbing. He was really.

There was one girl. She was kind, considerate, funny, beautiful and she liked me, but I was so insecure that I could never picture myself with her, I never could accept that she liked me, I felt like she was too good for me.

If only I met her now it would be a different story; I still think about her from time to time, I hope she has found someone special and is enjoying a great life because she was a great character.

I've had my share of regrets but here because some girl had a crush on me. Yes, and it's one of my biggest regrets.

Eventually someone starts developing feelings for the other, and it only ends with an ultimatum between dating or ruining the friendship you had beforehand. A while ago a girl approached me and asked me out and I rejected her because I was interested in someone else. WalletMadeOfHamMay 15, Yeah, I was slow to the game, there are many girls I wish I would've asked out and just as many I wish I could have sex with, recently I found out that this girl I've always wanted to have sex with for years has hooked up with this dude and get pregnant, feels bad mans.

I see now that she was perfect for me: This has never happened to me. I guess there is one I do regret, but the situation is different. She was beautiful, my standards weren't too high, she was too sweet a girl for me, I would have hurt her.

She wanted to date me and lose her virginity to me but I couldn't because I didn't want to break her heart. I don't regret not giving her a chance because I know we wouldn't be compatible, I regret not fucking her though.

Do Guys Ever Regret Not Dating A Girl

Too bad I can't do one without the other: I think he made the right choice see more rejecting her sinse he knew that he didn't want a relationship with her.

Every time I look the girl I always think in the back of my head "You fucked up bro, should have at least tried". It's healthier for you to accept that he's gone rather than to find some angle of false hope to further confuse you and delay the healing process.

Yes, especially when I was too scared to do anything in case I messed up. Wish I could go back 5 years and slap the shit out of myself. I know it sounds stupid now but that is a real issue that some guys face. I have never felt that feeling because I have never been able to in the first place because I was never given a chance in the first place. I had one girl ask me out and I say no. Still don't regret nada. Yes very often i was in fifth grade and so was she all the guys liked her but she liked me and i liked another so one day on the way to band she kisses me out of nowhere on the cheek i was embarresed and walked off over the next few years i developed a taste for trash'easy girls'and she stayed beautiful and loyal to her boyfriend, i will always regret being to insecure with girls at the time to handle that moment differently.: Nope and I have no regrets.

My standards are high and they're staying that way.

Have you guys ever rejected a girl and regret it later?

I think im in the same situation. I told this shy guy my feelings and he sisnt really reject me in a sense, but said he had a gf but aso thanked me.

What Are The Chances Of Someone Changing Their Minds After They Reject You?

Its a new year now and i like him but I don't know what he thinks cuz hw dowsnt have a gd anymore. Do you think he thinks "if she came now, id say yes.

Men do you ever regret not giving a girl a chance?

I basically said " i wanted to tell u something for a long time. I wouldve wanted to tell u in person but i ddint see an oppurtunity like tht coming so i decided to do it on b insted. Also close this question. Men do you ever regret not giving a girl a chance?

What Guys Said Not really no, we have all tried being rejected, it's the way of life.

Still I would have liked to been around her more. CrimsonToast I know a lot of people like you irl. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

I had legitimate reasons, so I have no regrets. I've never been in this situation. What Girls Said 2. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Do Guys Ever Regret Not Dating A Girl

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