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Austin and Ally TV Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by lauraqermit2. Ally kept talking about Austin's date with Brooke as if she was jealous. Ally was impressed when Austin did kung fu on the wood. Austin calls Ally a wise woman when he quotes her. Austin said she didn't have to go through this trouble of bungee jumping. Austin says that Ally is more important to him than getting on the . Can you name the austin and ally trivia? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by eagles_fan

My name is Hannah and I've been on this website for about two years now. More info been one of the most fun things I've ever done, and I'm so thankful for all of my readers.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lights, Camera, Aubree by xxdisneygirl2xx reviews Ally got pregnant with Austin's baby at When she runs away to California, she gives birth to a baby girl named Aubree.

What happens when Aubree is 4 and is asked to be in Austin's music video. Will he find out? Or will ally have to tell him the truth But I just wasn't ready to go. And Austin wasn't ready to let me go. Physically visiting him for seventeen minutes a day was not allowed. But we must all make sacrifices for the ones we love. So Far Away by xxdisneygirl2xx reviews I loved him. He was my everything.

Trish De la Rosa. Jace's plane is about to land. How are we supposed to be in a relationship, but spend time acting like we're not?

Until he left this earth. I loved his smile, his laugh. I loved it when he said my name. Princess Ally by kaitekayy reviews AU: Ally is link princess. When her kingdom is attacked, who is there to save her? A man named Mike Moon. Now she must live in Miami, Florida with him and his family until there is peace in her kingdom.

But Austin hates her because she's a princess. Will he ever warm up to her, or will he just give her the cold shoulder? Based on Princess Protection Program. A year filled with many different emotions. After all, they're a family. What does the next year have in Austin And Ally Dating And Difficulty for them? Well, it's Austin and Ally. Especially with a baby in the mix. Realizing your first love http://hookuptime.info/za/erotic-massage-in-st-louis-mo.php a moment you can't forget.

Austin and Ally surely won't. As they say - you can't ever forget your first love. Can that be proved to be true? What happens when this old friend has a secret that she's been keeping for about 6 years?

What happens when Ava starts school, but with a price? What happens when Austin does something that changes his and Ally's lives forever? Easy, things get insane. Blindsided by weesh reviews When Austin meets the girl working at Sonic Boom he is instantly attracted. But Ally is different than other girls and has a secret.

Can Austin break through her walls? Fortunately Unfortunate by R5AAFan reviews Going to that 'lunch reunion' with his parents and their friends wasn't in his plans. Getting along with their friends' daughter wasn't in his plans either. But falling for her in the process? That, for sure, wasn't in his plans.

But hey, sometimes, life can take fortunately unfortunate turns. Twins and Troubles by austlly reviews What happens Austin and Ally get news that will change their lives forever?

What happens when Anna does or already did something that will affect everyone? What happens Ava gets the chance of a lifetime? Easy, their worlds get turned upside down. I'm doing this to Austin And Ally Dating And Difficulty on all the beautiful fanfiction's we've read in the past year! Vote your favorite stories for the ultimate title! Wingman by allymoons reviews Ally Dawson has had a crush on her best friend for as long as she could remember.

So when Austin admitted that he did like someone, she had the smallest hope that it was her But Ally couldn't say no when he came to her for help. Yes, she agreed to be Austin's wingman. Daughters and Daters by austlly reviews What happens when Ally gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Austin Moon? What happens when Ally moves away so Austin's career won't be harmed?

On November 14,Ally has a daughter, Ava.

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What happens when Ally returns to Miami after five years. Easy, things get complicated. Remember by DisneyLover16 reviews "I remembered that day all too well. I remembered what the weather was like. I remembered what I was wearing. I remembered the words I had said that day. I remembered everything from sunrise to sunset. I remembered it all because I couldn't forget it. I couldn't forget even if I tried, so I didn't bother.

He's popular, but she's not. He hates her for no reason, though she doesn't know why he hates her so much.

She's a prostitute, and he's an under-aged worker. She's abused, but he has a troubled family. She doesn't have a family, or a home.

Austin & Ally - First Date (Couples & Careers) HD

How will these teens connect if they're too shy to admit their troubles to everyone? T - English - Drama - Chapters: Push by butraura reviews He takes a short trip down memory lane and remembers the times he has spent loving her.

Austin And Ally Dating And Difficulty

Repost- new chapters start at 14! Thousands, and thousands of passengers jumped into the sea, trying to save themselves. Only we were left. With my last strength, I leaned towards Ally and kissed her. As the water level rose, I stared, for what could be the last time, into her beautiful brown eyes.

Then, water filled my lungs and I blacked out. Ally is your typical smart and shy girl. On the last day of the trip her and many other students go to a boat party and things all seem to Austin And Ally Dating And Difficulty going okay until the police turn up.

Here panic and start to jump overboard. Ally flees with a bunch of students.

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Things start to go wrong and it leaves them stranded on an island. Falling in Love by thegirlwiththesofteyes reviews Ally was the girl with the kind smile and soft hands. Austin was the boy whose brown eyes could make any girl swoon.

Austin's face is more familar to Ally then http://hookuptime.info/za/nice-guys-finish-last-dating-psychology.php own.

Ally then apologizes to Austin saying she will never push him a side, she mentions their history and says they have always been great partners and she will always need him. Hey, Carrie, hows the fish special? I can get her a gift! The Auslly color might be red because in the theme song intro Austin and Ally are both wearing red.

But Allys world will tilt a hot summer night. A story of broken voices, blue tears, warm kisses and messy laughter. Even if it's just when you're up in the air, you're great escape might just be sitting right next to you. T - English - Romance - Chapters: My Everything by DisneyLover16 reviews "You're my world, my universe, my everything. And this time, there was nothing that could be done to fix any of that. Summer Vacation with the Moons by borntoright reviews When Ally's dad is going on a business trip for the summer, she has no choice but to spend it at the Moon's cottage.

Austin And Ally Dating And Difficulty

At first she is more than happy, but when she finds out this means that she has to spend 2 whole months with Austin, a boy that has tormented her since grd.