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10 WWE Divas and Superstars Currently SINGLE in Real Life

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

30 Nov Beth Phoenix is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion and widely considered to have been one of the most dominant female wrestlers of all time. This didn't work out for the pair and instead, they embarked on a real-life romance that much like many of Punk's previous romantic links, didn't last. 16 Nov From the 90s all the way until today, WWE stars have continued to date their co- workers. Enjoy this list of 15 WWE Divas and who they hooked up with. Let us know . In , she would begin to date John Cena and the two remain as one of the WWE's real-life power couples for years and years to come. 27 Feb The following list is made up of WWE Divas who are rumoured to have slept their way to the top, the women who have slept with multiple superstars from the locker room en-route to what was then, a career to be remembered. This led to a breakup of Tatum and Hyatt both in real life, and on screen.

This time it was for her love interest and it was soon revealed that she was hooking up with Oscar winner George Clooney. Ad Free Browsing Over 10, Videos! Everyone knows Lita dated Matt Hardy for about six years.

When he walked away from WWE back inhis story made wrestling worldwide news and he has been stuck in the spotlight ever since. But it seems that CM Punk is the one that has the relationship problems.

They have since moved forward and married other people. Kelly had a reputation in WWE one that was certainly unflattering for the young Diva and is thought to have been in relationships with a number of WWE wrestlers.

10 WWE Divas and Married Wrestlers Who Are Closer Than You Thought in Real Life

And it seems CM Punk has just become another name on that list. Kelly is now married to former professional hockey player, Sheldon Souray.

This included a moment in here she had her nose fractured while touring overseas because Victoria messed up her clothesline! Since it's UnbreakableMonday, I had to stop and reflect on how strong this guy is! Melina was one of the most hated Divas in WWE during her short stint with the company. Aaron Solow and Bayley reportedly got engaged in A post shared by natbynature natbynature on Dec 19, at 8:

The couple spends a lot of their life in the limelight and so when they have problems in their relationship, then they always end up being reported on the internet. Back in March it surfaced that the couple may have been having a few problems when they unfollowed each other on Twitter and Punk then updated a vague status.

This seemed to blow over quickly and the couple re-followed each other not long after.

The couple are one that has been most notably mentioned by many of the WWE Universe. Lita holds the great statistic on this list. Punk was in a relationship with Lita when he was in a storyline romance with AJ Lee and Punk then ended up leaving the former Team Extreme member for the woman who once idolized Lita and wanted to be just like her when she grew up.

Which Wwe Superstars And Divas Are Hookup In Real Life

This is one of the most ironic things that has ever happened in any WWE relationship. Lita and Punk looked like the perfect couple when they were together, but it seems that Punk preferred the protege to the real thing. The former longest reigning Divas Champion married Punk back in and retired from WWE after it was thought that there was a lot of heat on her backstage because of the way the Punk left the company. Maybe he was scared that she would react the same way when he finally popped the question to her in real life.

Mickie James made a name for herself long before she joined WWE and spent a lot of her career on the Independent Circuit. There was a plan to have the real life couple bring their chemistry onto WWE TV until Vince McMahon as we all know, Vince knows best when it comes to relationships, right? Which makes sense when you consider the time involved, personally and professionally.

Instead, Daffney was one of the most famous wrestlers of her time when check this out was in WCW. She has adopted many different personas during her wrestling career, but Daffney was her most famous and the one she will be remembered best for portraying.

Maria was obviously a sexually provocative WWE Diva. During an interview with Playboy following the release of the magazine cover, Maria stated that she would love to have sex in the middle of the WWE ring following one of the matches. Maria was very forward in this interview and talked openly about her sex life, which is something that Playboy often pride themselves on with many of their features.

Every WWE fan loves a love triangle and it seems that Punk has been involved in a few.

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It appears that Punk playing both sides could no longer last. Punk turned her down so AJ decided to push him through a table. Lita still had to work for WWE after she had broken up with Punk dating in the http://hookuptime.info/wo/lee-seung-gi-and-yoona-hookup.php danger and she would often run into Punk and AJ in the hallway.

It seems that Maria took the break-up much harder than CM Punk though and has proclaimed that Punk actually broke her heart. She stated that it was hard to see him everyday and then see him move on with his life without her. She said that she would always love him and that the pain she felt from that break up actually inspired her entire Seven Sins album.

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It helped her to put her emotions into a song and then move forward with her own life. It is thought that while Beth Phoenix was dating CM Punk, she was particularly jealous of the relationship that he still had with his ex Lita. Lita and CM Punk dated in and then after a few other relationships they found themselves back together inwhich means that Beth was probably right to be jealous of Lita back in because Punk ended up back with her after their fling this probably made Beth feel low.

This is one of the rumours that has circled around WWE for the past few years. That means that Punk actually cheated on the WWE Hall of Famer with one of her biggest fans and then broke up with her so that he could go on to marry her. Please support TheSportster so we can continue providing you with great content!

Which Wwe Superstars And Divas Are Hookup In Real Life

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