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Six Disadvantages to Dating a Sorority Girl

12 Feb Contrary to what some stereotypes might say, sorority girls are just like every other girl—except our schedules probably include more philanthropy and social events than most. When it comes to dating a girl who is pledged to Greek-life, though, there are certain things you can definitely expect to encounter. 10 Nov Sure, I've had a few girlfriends in my day. Although, “I ain't got no type” [cue Rae Sremmurd voice], it's hard not to notice a few similarities shared amongst my “old thangs.” Aside from the fact that they all had their fair share of public episodes. 24 Jun Girls, bag you a rich one while you can. But dating a frat boy is not all wine and roses. Hell, it's not even GUNS N' Roses. Here are a few reasons why you should let these Greek cutie pies cook a little more in the oven before you sink your teeth into them. 1. You Might Not ACTUALLY Be Dating Them.

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Is Dating A Sorority Girl Bad

See sig for details. Obviously,they usually end up with some ugly wk beta in the end who makes good money because that's all here care about later on after they are done being sloots.

My cousin was like this and she Is Dating A Sorority Girl Bad up with some rich guy who's my cousin in law now. Originally Posted by Idontevenliftt. Originally Posted by WafflesBrah. Originally Posted by TheDream Yeah biggest slut at my uni married a doctor.

Not just sorority girls either OP Going to college helped me realized that all women are sloots Cliffs: Originally Posted by DragonFireBrah. Reminds me of this show cliffs of show - dude has a big d and used to be jock back in the day - wife leaves him for nerdy beta skin doctor. Originally Posted by LightskinSwag. Originally Posted by GravityLee.

Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. Clearly, we need to check a credible source on what Finsta means first. We need defend our fellow greeks, were in the same community. Jekyll turn into an overly-emotional, sloppy Mr. You ain't lying lol.

You will be defeated by what you say about you. Guess who gets to bang all these sl00ts?? Das right, guys in fraternites. Originally Posted by JorgeZimmermen. Originally Posted by BeardOfPeace. What really bothers me is how they are all carbon copies of one another.

Anyone else notice this? All sorority girls act the same. They dress the same.

What really bothers me is how they are all carbon copies of one another. Sometimes a sisters' conversation consists with only screenshots and that's okay. You will become her mover on move-in day. But maybe every event really is that strict. Just avoid the whole mess.

I guess I prefer girls who actually have a semblance of originality or character Same goes for fraternities though. Originally Posted by jumpman That's how there portrayed by the media. You've obviously never befriended any people who where in greeklife, most people in Greek life are pretty normal.

Originally Posted by Stryfe Once people hit their junior year they start to stop caring about greek life more and more. They all sloot it up. Don't have heroes; look up to no one.

Is Dating A Sorority Girl Bad

Because as long as someone's leading the way, the best you'll ever be is second. Newsflash OP the non-sorority girls are sloots too. Wherever there's a juicy post lost in a multi-page thread, I'll be there.

I feel bad for guys who date/marry sorority girls

So true on how many girls in sororities act and dress alike. I have Is Dating A Sorority Girl Bad some chill ones though.

Honestly Read more hardly care. If some doctor decides to marry a girl who would have ignored him at any other point in life it's his own fault. Their lack of emotional intelligence and experience are a major weakness for sorority chicks to exploit; who essentially mastered the social game throughout college and can easy manipulate the providers into marrying them.

Sorority sloots are the lowest scum of the boards. My ex GF of 4 years in high school is a sorority chick now. She's obsessed with it. She'll only date frat guys just like all the other sorority girls.

Total Sorority Move | 8 Reasons Why You Should Not, Under Any Circumstances, Date Fraternity Men

Super stuck up now like she's above everyone. At my school there was a good girl sorority nerdy types who weren't as hot but were always pretty cool and the slut sorority.

Guess which girls ended up married long term, have good jobs and families and are successful? I still occasionally see one of the slutty girls who banged me and about a dozen of my friends during her university tenure plus another dozen from the other frat and god knows who elseshe is now a teacher, married with two kids and her husband still lets her go on "girls weekends" to Vegas twice a year and she constantly posts pictures of her partying without him.

He doesn't seem to care.

Why can’t a Christian date a frat boy or sorority girl?

Not sure if he knows her history or not - I wouldn't have touched her with a ten foot pole knowing how many guys she went through. Originally Posted by dmoneythegoat. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.