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Shit crazy East Orange, NJ police shooting at the 6v6y locs...

After 20 Years On The Job, NYC Police Officer Tells His Intense Stories : NPR

Learn about the tools and services that sports journalists are depending upon to keep up with the times (calculators not required). Adviser Reception: If you're new to CMA, join us to make some friends over light food and drink. .. Did the university discipline four of the starters on the basketball team who were arrested ?. 17 Dec I was surprised two weeks ago to walk into my local TD Bank, on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, New York to find that the security officer who was usually standing by, on alert, had been replaced by a uniformed, armed, radio- carrying New York Police Department officer, Officer Battle. I confirmed. 27 Oct CONTACT US. Owner/Publisher Andrea Macko. Rte. 32 • P.O. Box Greenville, NY [email protected] . to hookup.” But, as the current substation can only possi- bly take on four solar farms at two megawatts each, any more solar farms that could be pro- posed in the town.

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I was surprised two weeks ago to walk into my local TD Bank, on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, New York to find that the security officer who was usually standing source, on more info, had been replaced by a uniformed, armed, radio-carrying New York Police Department officer, Officer Battle.

Of course, this raised red flags for me. After the violent crackdown on Occupy Wall Street in November ofwhen that group was having some of its most significant successes in protests and actions that challenged private banks and Wall Street institutionsmany wondered what had motivated the unexpected aggression against protesters by local police officers tasked, at least overtly by municipal law, with upholding their first amendment rights.

Was there a relationship behind the scenes of which we were unaware? This police fund, as well as some details of a Rudi Giuliani-initiated program by which police officers had been hired by corporations, created a brief stir online.

But keeping your publication afloat and even making it thrive isn't an impossible task. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. At Seward Park High School, they have an organization called Council for Unity that actually brings together youths to discuss issues of harassment. We need to have children counseled. What are some of the advantages and maybe disadvantages of not being in uniform?

But were Chase, TD, Bank of America and others, which had been targeted by activists, actually now employing our police forces directly? The answer is yes.

Police chocking man/ 8-15-15/Hackensack, NJ

A nontransparent program called "Paid Detail Unit" has been set up so that private corporations are actually employing NYPD officers, who are in uniform and armed.

The difference is that when these "public servants" are on the payroll of the banks, they are no longer serving you and the impartial rule of law in your city — despite what their uniform and badge imply. I asked him who paid him to watch the bank: Kearse works at the bank 6.

That's not much, he said, compared to many NYPD officers "who do lots more". I asked a manager at the branch what the role of the NYPD officer was in the bank.

The bank supplies every branch in New York City with an off-duty police officer. But who indemnifies these cops working http://hookuptime.info/v/can-carbon-hookup-technique-used-determine-age-diamond.php banks from lawsuits that might arise from possible illegal actions against citizens while working this kind of job? Not the banks, it turns out, but you the taxpayer.

In other words, you pay the bill to protect that officer from lawsuits incurred if he breaks the law in protecting the bank. This is a trend confirmed to be taking place in cities across the country. San Francisco has the San Francisco patrol special police, a private police unit that is indistinguishable from municipal units.

At the same time, privatisation is also moving apace, as Wall Street Journal reports that several municipalitiesincluding Oakland, California and Chicago, have bypassed local police and are hiring private security forces to take over many of the police departments' traditional functions. Indeed, moonlighting, out of uniform as a private citizen, is fair enough.

NYPD for hire: how uniformed New York cops moonlight for banks

But in uniform, armed, with the backup of the whole NYPD? That is another story.

Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Arrests By Race

The conflicts of interest potential in this arrangement soon become clear. Whom is that cop serving if there is a dispute between a New York City or Houston or Portland citizen and the bank or corporation that hires cops, and on which those cops' own mortgages and kids' college fees are now dependent?

What if the bank instructs the NYPD officer to commit a crime — make a wrongful arrest, say — against a New York citizen during a lawful protest?

Will the officer decline to do so, bucking his bosses? Indeed, does the off-duty cop in the bank have police powers or just private security powers? What powers of arrest does he or she have?

Two Of Us Hookup Service Hackensack Nj Police Arrests By Race

Or will those executives, now police employers as well, have what Russians call "protektsia"? And then, there are the fiduciary questions.

Smorgasburg will take a bite of Hudson Square | The Villager Newspaper

Your tax dollars trained that officer; dressed him in uniform; equipped him with weapons and technology. Finally, the wrench that this program throws into impartial adjudication of the rule of law is obvious.

But given that it is a significant portion of the paychecks of your local cops on the beat, then how can brave advocates for banks' paying the price for crime, such as New York Attorney General Eric Schneidermann, work effectively to hold banks accountable while the city law enforcement officers under the DA are employees of those same banks?

The branches more info municipal government are now at cross-purposes when it comes to who has access to law enforcement and who is indemnified from prosecution or investigation. An independent, uncorrupted municipal police force should be our thin blue line: If these officers of the law become or have already become a private militia for hire, to whom can we turn on the frontline of justice?

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