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In my post on Advanced Divorce Salescommenter Rhen suggested that women lose interest in men around age But since this assertion comes up fairly frequently I decided to see what I could dig up on the question. If it turns out to be correct that around age 55 or so women feel a sudden urge to no longer be married, this would seem to reinforce those voices calling for an all out marriage strike. My own sense on this is that women tend to drop out of the dating market when their options are the slimmest just like men do when their options are slimmest.

If you have any links I would appreciate it if you posted them in the comments section. The data below is from the Census.

I limited the data set to White Non Hispanic women to remove potential trends which might be due to a demographic shift over time. All values represent percents. I think click data pretty well dispels the idea that women are wired to prefer to divorce and live alone later in life.

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Only after age 65 is the percentage of women married on the decline, and this is driven not by women divorcing and remaining unmarried, but by them becoming widows and not remarrying.

I now have data on US divorce rates per 1, married women by age. Media and academic feminism has taught them to hate men and treat us as rivals, enemies, and inferiors. Usually forming no meaningful relationships with men, but enjoying rejecting men for sport. Typically experimenting with lesbianism. Usually shacking up with some complete loser and maybe having kids with him.

Sissy Boys For Dads Hookup Their Daughters Of The Dust Watch

Mostly, whether women stay married after 55 or not probably depends more on the economic benefit they gain; because whether or not they are with a man any man makes little difference to them. The data does in some ways raise as many questions as it answers.

Are Women Done With Men After Age 55? | Dalrock

For that we need to look at remarriage stats, as I already have. There is a similar trend where the percent of never married people for men and women drops to very low values late in life.

Daughters of the Dust - Clip 3

When I did my grey divorce series I compared this snapshot for two periods 10 years apart. It seems to not be a vestige of higher marriage rates in the past. At any rate, the assertion in question that women have a preference to divorce and not remarry around age 55 seems to be clearly disputed by the data. Yep, Women are not done with men at age But men who are not already their husbands are done with them. Not many 55 year old women are going to get dates. There is some truth to 3, due to read more feminist lobbied divorce laws and divorce industrial complex family law system.

I read somewhere that a 60 year old man has more oestrogen than a 60 year old woman post menopause. All of the sudden these quasi-independent women have to deal with their husband around all day, messing up their flow. The real losers are people still credulous enough to believe there are women worth having in the US dating scene.

As for my annoying voice not being of value to men: As for being repellent to attractive women: Another factor might be, though, that women tend to marry men older than themselves and men typically have shorter lifespans. She may be receiving alimony from a previous Sissy Boys For Dads Hookup Their Daughters Of The Dust Watch and an inheritance upon becoming a widow; hence no need to bother with re-marriage. So by the time a couple lives to be 65 him and 60 hershe is only likely to outlive him by a total of 6.

I agree the lack of desire is more a reaction to rejection. One thing to keep in mind is if the dating game is one where women have a hard time dating down in age and are open to dating men older and the older men are dying off over 55, then the pool that will find them attractive is diminished.

How are a 55 yo vs. When a single woman crosses the rubicon of five decades, the rationalization hamster starts doing an odd gavotte.

Sissy Boys For Dads Hookup Their Daughters Of The Dust Watch

The hamster is getting tired, after all. Women at that age can go three routes —. They completely give up on trying to find a relationship. They try to make an honest self-assessment of their value in the dating marketplace.

The failure rate is high. They get really, really desperate. I see many online dating profiles of women who are older than 55 yet still claim their age is My own experience suggests that while they may or may not lose interest, there will always be a subset of women who simply do not want to get married, for whatever reason.

That is why it actually got harder for me Sissy Boys For Dads Hookup Their Daughters Of The Dust Watch I got older. Fortunately, times were good enough that I was able to find something easily and we moved to of all places Dallas. I took the bus to work there and met a fellow commuter who was about my age, also originally from New York, and a fellow member of The Tribe.

Our son, the most beautiful boy in the world, is now almost thirteen and low functioning autistic. Instead of preparing him for his bar mitzvah we spend much of our time cleaning up the shit he smears all over his click and bathroom. Such also is the price of children late in life. Thank you feminism for that too.

The quality ones still have plenty of offers. Good link, and another great example of the media selling divorce to women. Note the complete lack of statistics. The whole article was about 1 woman. Most divorces after the age of 50 are initiated by women. The headline should be: Women over 50 still initiate the majority of divorces, and menopause is a bitch. Some of the women were quite forward, offering to take him on cruises etc.

He actually began dating again much sooner than my friend was comfortable with. Women over 50 or 55, in his experience, still wanted very much to have a man around.

I am a very physically fit guy and so is she. The plankton generation Dalrock. I can stay up all night and sleep in all day if I please.

Perhaps in your AARP data you have something on how likely a man of this age is likely to remarry. I do think that an alternative is for single women to be open to relationships with men 10 to 20 years older than them once those women reach middle age, which many women are. But the pool of available men is small because of life expectancy, as noted by other posters.

I know my great-grandmother was widowed at 60 and remarried at about age 65; and some of my other older relatives even re-married after widowhood and even had children. What I suspect is the current trends reflect the inherent misandry of feminism which sees men as a disposable commodity. Older generations of women seemed to want to continue marrying and raising families, even as they got older. With that said, I think you may be misreading go here chart.

If women wanted to divorce at 55, they would be doing so. The data shows otherwise. I have been following these posts about the non-marriageability of 30 year olds and it is freaking me out.

The manosphere is making me co-dependent. Linkage is Good for You: Paige, it is freaking me out too. I was the only person in my major in college who was able to find a job in the area, the rest all moved a minimum of miles away. My parents and grandparents would have me live in the same town where I grew up, even though the only males who live there are baby-daddy meth dealers.

My observations link those of Dex, have seen widowers over 70 mobbed by widows who wish to care for him. As noted in a previous thread, the divorcees I have known over 50 were to varying degrees resigned to their situation; they were not over men, they just accepted that it was not likely there would be another one in their life.

I know a single mother with a 2 year old who married a man who also had a two year old. He works in a low level government job, but has good security.

They have twins now. Although she had to move some or so miles to marry, she did so. Now here Sissy Boys For Dads Hookup Their Daughters Of The Dust Watch the kicker: The overall trends from the statistics seem to indicate two things: Out-of-wedlock births are increasing, but the overall number of divorces seems to be declining.

What this equals is that alimony and child-support are more profitable than traditional marriage at least for ONE gender, LOL. At worse you might have to adjust the ages you are willing to date. The irony is that men see women their own age as old as mold.

I think part of why widows tend not to remarry is due to the bond they had with the deceased partner. If you have been able to keep your marriage together for years, odds are there is a strong bond there, that would be difficult to replace with another person. My wife has told me that if I died young she would probably remarry, so she had someone to help support her and the kids.

Personal finance trumps biology. Dalrock reads, Most divorces after see more age of 50 are initiated by women. Many women stay in marriages for the benefit of their children. You are confusing being divorced with getting divorced.

As I have shared before30 out of 1, woman age marry in any given year. After age 65 this drops to 4 per 1,

Many of these posts are rather disheartening, and in my experiences inaccurate. I'm not very complicated really. However, the original assertion was directly tied to divorce. They had guilt and headaches.