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Explore board "gift" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Lesbian love, Lesbian and Lesbians. Each year, thousands of people nervously pick up their exam score from the front desk at their Pearson Vue testing facility and find out they did not pass the MBLEx . This result can bring on a lot of different emotions. You are likely dealing with feelings of personal disappointment, or even jealousy of those classmates who. acting trophy | Classic Resin Drama Masks Trophy.

You know it's my birthday next week, right? Have you bought my present yet? How many does this make, dear? See, I knew that would shut you up. Birthdays and Other Filler 3 comments: Fuckin' Get Over It, Already". Really, I happen to view Ronald Reagan as the edge where McCarthyism, modern PR flackery, and the bombing of Dresden meet, and I'm not exactly taciturn, and I have no idea how I'd fill five volumes about the man without a lot of repetition.

Sure, my opposition is ideological and, as I've admitted, might not differ qualitatively from age-group Gipper-worship nerds of the David Brooks class. I was, thankfully, spared the direct experience of that sort of Hollywood which carved Reagan into a demi-star. My first encounter with him was when he took over Death Valley Days from The Ol' Prospector, or whomever, though what I remember most about the show was 20 Mule Team Borax, the sponsor whose product, as a hand cleanser, I adored Lava, too; I just liked washing with grit, I guess.

Next thing I knew he was Governor of California, somehow, and a Nazi. Then he spent a time as a political punchline, then out of the blue he bought a microphone, stole a briefing book, and was elected President. I'm not sure I've had another experience that compares.

Maybe the time my sister knocked me unconscious with an old wood-shafted driver she was swinging, but that didn't last nearly as long or hurt as much. For sure, Nixon had always seemed to me to be the President of Somewhere Else, not anywhere where I lived, but at least one understood the political dynamic that had put him there. If Carter came from nowhere and was already a primary lock before anyone noticed, well, at least he'd accomplished it with a sort of new understanding of the process, like he'd gotten the Democratic nomination by hiking the ball directly to the running back, which you had to respect.

Reagan, on the other hand, was like looking up and seeing Source Bob from the old morning Popeye cartoon show of your Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game taking the Oath.

Not to mention that he'd run on a platform of These Kids Today! With the Hair and the Music an' the Marihuana! He was the cynical manipulation of Product Placement by click here coterie of Kennedy-obsessed wingnuts who'd realized that Name Recognition, properly packaged, could be hurled onto peasant houses below with a reasonable expectation of success, provided you defined "success" in a certain way.

Don't Miss a Beat

The Reagan hagiography business has, among other things, tended to suggest that he rode into the White House having convinced the American people that his time-honored ideals, recently fallen into article source through fashionable Sixties commie-narco-nihilism, were in fact the magic elixir of American Greatness. Or it does so when it isn't necessary to tell the opposite story a common feature of St.

Ronnie tales is their reversibility. This is where we find Cannon: That president is Ronald Reagan, whose long-term goals were different from Mr. InReagan campaigned against President Jimmy Carter on a mix of issues, while giving priority, as Mr. Obama did into a sagging national economy. Wage and Price Controls. The end of the Gold Standard.

You, and your party, have fully insulated yourselves from the Reality community, which may help you sleep nights, but it's that community which was right about you all along. Can you think of anything?? Or perhaps short of that, perhaps not; it may simply have been his bad luck to be born too late to be an effective advocate for Armageddon. Wage and Price Controls.

The 70s were not exactly a decade humming along economically until Jimmy Carter fucked it up. That Reagan "ran against a sagging national economy" is hardly surprising the gross understatement of "sagging" is curious, the dog that hiccuped instead of barking, designed to suggest that the whole thing was just a matter of Carter's lazy posture ; that he "ran on a mix of issues" is the pop historian's version of giving every kid who enters the race a trophy.

And the real irony here is that in the annals of US Presidential politics Reagan is the shining example of a Single Issue candidate who persevered long enough to gain the nomination without ever having been relegated to a crackpot third party. Of course this is due in large measure to the fact that the major party he already belonged to was now a den of cranks. Reagan's appeal for Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game years had been The National Debt, aka, the evil and metaphysical ineptitude of a strong central government.

Enjoy your time off. What's it going to take before The Comically Oversized Stetson is recognized as the path-crossing black cat of Presidential inaugurations? I know it is easy to get discouraged after failing the MBLEx, especially multiple times. In this I am not the mere prisoner of irascibility, innate or cultivated, the dour profile of my Midwestern upbringing, nor my sans-culottes political tastes:

That this idee fixe attracted a range of political positions on everything from Space Weapons http://hookuptime.info/v/what-are-the-limitations-of-radiocarbon-hookup.php school dress codes, some intellectually contradictory, shamelessly pandering, or simply incoherent, isn't an accomplishment; it's a description of sentience.

Whoever was elected in was going to have as his first order of business The Economy, which had been the first order of business at least since the Fall of Saigon. And furthermore, he was going to operate in a climate where The Fed was squeezing the money supply dry until inflation ended, come hell or high water.

That was the decision finally reached during a moderate Democratic administration, however warming to the cockles of whatever's in the place of the heart of an incoming Republican one, was The Gipper's good fortune.

The government threw people out of work to break the back of double-digit inflation. The Reagan administration knocked itself out trying to claim credit for any positive effect. One of my favorite Reagan era anecdotes involves then-Treasury secretary Don Regan stating, in Spring,that the market upturn was the result of anticipation of Reagan's Miracle Tax Cuts; he then shut up about it for the following 19 months, for some reason.

As for "not controlling Congress", it depends here on describing the remaining Dixiecrats in Congress as belonging to the party opposite Reagan's. We think no more need be said. And look, if there's some lesson to be learned from the single-minded front of the early days of Reagan, we hope it's not taken. Because that lesson is how easy it is to appear competent with the Press as your courtesan. Indeed, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Reagan's tax cutting was disastrous as he himself would be forced to tacitly admit; compare the Bush II gang, having learned the Lessons of Vietnam, which simply refused to admit anything of the sort.

His military spending was incontinent, big-ticket Star Wars nonsense. Naturally this meant that in the end he'd be hailed as Our Economic Savior for modest Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game growth, the worst jobs-creation record since WWII, two recessions, the massively accelerated wage stratification, and the Olly Olly Oxen Free regulatory climate that already had led to the looting of the Savings and Loan industry, not to mention, of course, the near quadrupling of that National Debt he'd been so obsessive about.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game

If only for balance's sake was he lauded for rebuilding a military chockablock with AWACs and B1s and aircraft carriers in search of a mission, one capable of launching the greatest Armada since Normandy at Grenada while simultaneously training groups of armed thugs to disrupt democratically-elected Central American governments we didn't like, culminating in the glorious defeat of The Soviet Union by bank overdraft.

It's odd that this latter method wasn't mentioned at the time, nor has it ever been attempted or even suggested since, but there you are. President; though it may be tempting to cruise through your administration getting blowjobs from the Press and posing for stamps, and while it might mean that Josh Marshall is still laboring over you twenty-five years after The Final Stiffy, we like to think you were elected to do the opposite.

And if Lou's right, and you are the one Democrat who "understands the nature of Reagan's appeal", we hope this just means you're the one least likely to try to duplicate it, if you care about the rest of us. Thursday, January 29 Programming Note.

Let's Examine Natsuiro High School

T WELVE-point-five inches of snow here, officially, and a Republican mayor, which means the streets are still such a mess that Indianapolis Public Schools, which almost never close to begin with, and never for two days in a row, are closed for the second day in a row.

I took yesterday's closing as God's insistence, via Dennis Prager, that we should have sexual relations in as many and various positions as we're still able to get into; my Poor Wife took it to mean I should get the driveway shoveled. I cleared it enough to make sure the paramedics could get in. The bit about "a Republican mayor" is hardly partisanship on my part, since I'm not a Democrat, and neither is the opposition party in Indiana; the last Republican mayor, Stephen "I Am Legend" Goldsmythe, routinely skimped on maintenance in order to protect his image as a tax-cutter, and would have lost his reelection bid in if the election had been held at the end of winter instead of the beginning, and if the Demopublicans had managed to nominate someone who'd ever been photographed.

Mayor Gomer's not being blamed for the shoddy work, not yet, in part because his handlers launched a highly-effective preemptive strike last October The price of salt is up!

Our trucks are aging! And the storm did dump about twice as much snow on us as predicted, but it was still supposed to be bad enough, and lengthy enough, that they should have preparting to plow all along.

Instead they wasted time Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game, which wasn't going to work for long, if at all. Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game, so you get wrong-footed sometimes; there's no grading on a scale. The Japanese still lost Midway, but one imagines that Nagumo didn't get to go on local teevee afterwards to explain how well everything was going.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game

So, posting is on Snow Holiday, but I did want to mention this. Almost certainly Kristol enjoyed [a] student deferment from '' I hold a personal advantage here, since I was a member of the '72 draft class: Nixon ended student deferments inthe year of Kristol's eligibility, as part of an ongoing attempt to answer charges of favoritism in conscription before the law expired in mid My recollection is that deferments were grandfathered for people who had completed two years of college.

That may not be accurate, but at any rate, Kristol could not have received one; it's possible he could have applied for one when he registered, but he would have been classified 1-H until the lottery, after which it would have been no longer available, even if he was already in college. He's a big fat liar, in other words. Anyway, back to work, and if you think getting a savvy, desirable, middle-aged woman shit-faced drunk at read more Asashoryu's great comeback win in the just-completed Hatsu basho--going after withdrawing from the previous three tournaments due to injury--was marred by his making this gesture afterwards.

The Yokozuna Deliberation Council plans to warn him about it. Compare the career of Bill Kristol. January 26 Y ES, indeed: I was not one of the Left Blogostaners who thought the sky was falling because the Times hired him. We'll grant the larger issue is probably the idea that the Op-Ed Ward should be fastidiously faux-balanced according to the dictates of someone who imagines Maureen Dowd to be at the far pole of political discourse, one opposite David Brooks; obviously, if the Times would just acknowledge the lack of epistemological rigor--without even addressing the remarkably narrow "range" between "liberal" and "conservative" exemplar--things could improve overnight.

How about balancing all those people who were dead wrong about Iraq, or the Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game presidency in general, or the importance of selecting a Commander-in-Chief who doesn't wear earthtones, with someone who wasn't? How about adjusting for abject careerism, Conventional Wisdom molding, or apparent sanity? Look, anyway, my problem with Kristol was not that he got the slot, so much as it was he who got the slot: Again I repeat--since it was on C-SPAN, making me one of thirty-five people who actually witnessed it without working there--that in August ofon that morning call-in show, Mr.

Kristol twice told callers that he was "too young for Vietnam". I had no idea at the time how old he was, but it was obvious the moment he said it that he was lying. In fact, it was obvious the moment he was asked the question that he had already been lying about it for years, probably decades. Kristol is in fact a year older than I, making him a member of the last draft class eligible more info conscription for an entire year.

He got a high draft number [rare for a December baby; they didn't mix the Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game balls thoroughly, apparently] and so was able to go right from The Collegiate School to Hahvahd Yahd. So Kristol, faced with incontrovertible proof of his hypocrisy--something any college grad should at least have been able to talk his way around, if not confront head-on--chose instead to lie, blatantly, in an effort to get through source following twenty minutes.

There's only one reason to lie under those circumstances, and it answers the question of whether the Chickenhawk business is all feathers or marrow-deep. His leading advocacy of the Iraq War also added to his appeal. Kristol was viewed as a mover and shaker whose ideas had ready impact on the political firmament in Washington. So in other words, when hiring a by-lined opinion writer, the Times imagines that insider connections are a positive, rather than, in this case especially, an explanation for a lifetime as a sluice for slightly-liquified bullshit.

Kristol--it almost goes without saying--was one of the "journalists" Scooter or Dick called with the Plame story. I'm pretty sure this had made the papers by December, ; I wonder why it didn't make the vetting click. I wonder why the Times would offer to pay for what it could get for free, aside from the fact that in printing it on the Op-Ed Ward avoids any more Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Anime Game Miller-type unpleasantness while still getting the story out.

I mean, Kristol could always claim under oath that'd he'd been lying; who the more info would question that?

The real cake-topper, though, is Calderone's Politico blog, wherein Andy Rosenthal, the other end of the two-shitty-ended nepotism stick here, tells at audience at Columbia that he admires the work of Byron York and Megan McArdle. We are left, again, to explain the frequency of the modern juxtaposition of the utterly incredible and the dirt-common, as well as the self-annihilating sentence; there is, simply, no way anyone could make that statement and simultaneously maintain that words mean things.

Maybe we're just not supposed to notice.

your genial host