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26 May A PERUVIAN YouTuber almost lost a testicle in a stupid stunt that involved being kicked in the balls if he lost a game of rock, paper, scissors. Daredevil Will Zeven, from Peru's capital city of Lima, paid an eye-watering price in his latest stunt in a bid to draw viewers. Will Zeven takes the full force of the girl's. 18 Jun I swear she doesn't hate me. Something a girl does to a boy to either get her way or take revenge for a previous discrepancy. Despite the term "kick" included in the phrase, it can be used to describe any method in which a girl uses her legs to gain a physical advantage over a boy, limited to attacking his nuts. She may use her knee or thigh to overpower.

A lady from Beijing, China went bananas when her boyfriend refused to buy her some fruits.

Girl Kicking Guy In The Nuts

Apparently, the pear get it…pair? However, the boyfriend refused because it was too pricey.

I don't blame her for being mad. Culture 7 days ago. He hasn't talked to me much since then. Videos 1 week ago. My dad was being mean to me and got me in a bear hug.

No money lah, dear…. They started arguing right in front of the shopkeeper and a passerby took a video recording of the incident.

The girlfriend can be heard screaming at the poor guy. The impact was so hard, the dude just fell back on his butt while clutching his precious jewels. The girlfriend continued to scream at the boyfriend repeatedly. Even as the shopkeeper tried to hold her back and pull her away from continuously abusing her boyfriend, the raging girl kept on trying to land kicks on him anyways.

Also close this question. Culture 6 days ago. I've never actually kicked anyone, except for my friends' asses, just for fun, and I don't think I would ever do it to someone either, unless it was self defence. He hasn't talked to me much since then.

All Malaysian couples face their own different sets of challenges but there are a few things that remain universal. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, Malaysians near and far are rushing to shopping malls to do some last minute Get the latest viral stories daily!

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Girl Kicking Guy In The Nuts

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Girls have you ever kicked a guy in the nuts ? - GirlsAskGuys

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Girl kicks guy in the balls

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Got kick in the nuts by a girl

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