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Establishment Trying To Sexualize Young Children

Should an Iowa College Grant Official Recognition to an Anti-Gay Christian Club? – Friendly Atheist

16 Jul Related story: Republican governors shift rhetoric on gay marriage Four months later, the couple found themselves thrust into the same-sex marriage debate raging in Oklahoma and across the nation. “I've had so many people message me and say, 'I go to a small Christian college, and I'm gay, too. 2 Dec It turns out only one school falls in that category: Hillsdale College, a conservative Christian school in Michigan. Why would Republicans want to hand a gift like that to a single Christian school in Michigan? Maybe because Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, a longtime donor to Republican causes, has. The group of advisors she led called itself The Vulcans in honor of the monumental Vulcan statue, which sits on a hill overlooking her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Rice would later go on to give a noteworthy speech at the Republican National Convention. The speech asserted that " America's armed forces.

Without institutions to preserve our past and communicate it to our future, we never developed the kind of historical narratives other communities have. In the absence of unbiased books, the anonymity of the internet, or college queer studies departments, our history as LGBT people could only be found in one of two ways: In the credits she was listed as herself. Retrieved May 26, I don't agree with gays and marriage, Oh well.

If you are a subscriber: Simply log in for unlimited access. If you are a nonsubscriber: You have used your free views allowed every 30 days. You must really value what we do for you. Sorrythis zipcode is not in our deliverable area for this subscription service. Opposition strong to gay marriage in Oklahoma, according to poll. Utah to appeal gay marriage ruling to high court. Republican governors shift rhetoric on gay marriage. Minard, 22, a student at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, said she and Parks had dated for more than three years before they decided to wed.

Four months later, the couple found themselves thrust into the same-sex marriage debate raging in Oklahoma and across the nation. Minard said she and Parks had a small ceremony celebrating their marriage in June for their friends and family. Following that, they took read more for a honeymoon in Las Vegas.

When they returned, Minard, who was one semester away from graduation, discovered her parents had received a letter from SCU addressed to her, telling her she was no longer welcome at the school. Minard, who grew up in a Lutheran church, was faced with a tough decision. It would have been tough to say no to that.

GOP Tax Scam May Include Special Exemption for One Christian College

I struggled with what to do, and in the end the desire to play basketball again was stronger. SCU is a private institution, and therefore has the right to bar a student from attending for whatever reason it sees fit, a fact Minard accepts.

Support journalism that makes a difference. Our coach would even acknowledge when their girlfriends were in the stands. But as soon as one picture of our vow-exchanging ceremony was posted, that was apparently too much. She believes it was the wedding picture that led to her expulsion, which troubles her. The lifestyle covenant she signed also forbids alcohol and tobacco use, but she said pictures of students drinking and smoking are routinely posted on Facebook with no repercussions.

But being gay in a Christian college makes you feel unwelcome and unwanted. Julie, that's what happens when the people who have religious convictions about homosexuality. The gays and their supporters resort to lies and name calling.

If you are, you should remember me from the department store we both worked at. Of course you were security and I was an employee of the store. Oh, perhaps the same treatment as those who smoke and drink and College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Logos Bookstore and yet do not get expelled?! Right on Mr Simmons. Like Oblama, liberals only want to observe the rules and laws that fit their narrative. The totally ignore the other rules and laws that everyone else must follow.

So, you lied to go to get into collage. Everybody else was doing it also, so whats the deal? Welcome to how life really is. Deal with see more honestly, and you will prosper. They get their underwear in a wad when something threatens their 'religious freedom', especially those freedoms they use to discriminate. Surely Jesus wasn't like that and aren't they supposed to live their life according to his teachings?

George, it isn't a matter of hate or discrimination as you and College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Logos Bookstore would like to believe. It has to do with what religion considers what is sinful and what is written in the bible. However, people such as you and Mert and others would rather talk down to people who do believe that homosexuality is a sin. You have your beliefs or non-beliefs and that is your right, but don't slam what we believe.

Minard said she and Parks had a small ceremony celebrating their marriage in June for their friends and family. Oral Roberts informed a male Student with gay intentions Retrieved April 17, Retrieved June 4, In a July episode of My Life on the D-Listafter using profanity in an Octomom joke during her routine at New York's Apollo TheaterGriffin said that she received a letter banning her from the venue.

As most already know -- there were no female disciples; and females have always been banned from church leadership roles. Nevertheless -- being religious or claiming to be still makes it socially-acceptable to be: She knew the rules. If there are others breaking them, they should be handled in the same manner.

Breaking a known rule and being surprised by the consequence is kind of being naive. Because they showed grace and tolerance to her and others before expelling her is no reason for surprise either.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Logos Bookstore

If I were to get five warnings before I got a speeding ticket, I still deserved the ticket. Gays will need to except that not everyone is going to agree with homosexuals being married. Fact is it's not considered to be "normal" way of life. Mert, It certainly seems so right here and right now, and that's alright. Not everyone is going to agree on this subject.

I don't agree with gays and marriage, Oh well. Sorry Mert, but the straights are still in the majority. You may not be, but like religion, it is your choice. Mert, if you are right then just put SSM to a vote and abide by the outcome. You are trying to sell a big lie to people. Ron, I understand what you are saying, some may want the movement to be seen more by getting married. I'm sure that there are gays who have done so. Not a single story on either the IRS or VA scandal which touch many americans reported on over the past 30 days but the good folks at the TW find a story about homosexual lifestyle choices to be more important to its Green Country readership?

Talk about a disconnect No stories either -- about how big money plutocrats run every form of government in hte USA -- except some towns in Vermont College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Logos Bookstore or stories about why those trying to promote family planning -- are being denounced by Tea Party members.

Yes -- opposition to birth control should be the major news story -- not gays, Hobby Lobby, and Benghazi -- Benghazi -- Benghazi. Plenty ion there to convince you here The President's administration is riddled with scandals.

Should keep you happy for a while. TW keeps track of "most popular" and "most commented" news items. I imagine that is what they feed the most of to the readership. I do not think that gay people really care about being married. Some of them might, but not the majority. The act of homosexuality will always be seen by the majority of people in any given population as a sexual perversion.

And for good reason. You don't need a Bible or a degree in human anatomy to understand that fact. Another thing I think gay people are trying to do is to make society believe that unless you accept homosexual behavior as normal, then you HATE them.

They are trying to correlate non-approval with HATE. This is College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Logos Bookstore bully tactic, to try and bully people into a viewpoint that they are not comfortable with. A despicable bully tactic, but oh well, it's what some of them do fairly well, so we may as well get used to it.

Of course, a person can disapprove of certain behavior and still love someone. Parents don't stop loving kids if they start to smoke, or if they experiment with drugs, or if they are lazy and don't work, etc But they sure don't approve of those behaviors, and they won't tell the child they approve, but they will still LOVE the child.

So the gay community has some issues, and they love to bring up Jesus, so for that, I give them credit!!!

Hill must not actually know any gay people. It's the only way he could be so horribly wrong on what "gay people really care about. You can't love someone you don't even know.

And since you don't actually KNOW any gay people, you're full of beans. Perverted people exist in both the heterosexual and homosexual communities.

Who gets to write gay rights into the history books? | Hugh Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian

It's silly to claim all gay people are perverted. People who think that should spend less time thinking about what someone else does in private. I'd be willing to wager that most gays are repulsed by what heterosexuals do in private. I have a cousin who has been in a monogamous, committed, same-sex relationship for several decades. I'm happy for her because she has a loving, committed relationship.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Logos Bookstore

Together, they have raised the child my cousin had during a brief, failed, opposite sex marriage and they are very involved in the life of their grandson. Why shouldn't same sex couples have the same legal protection and rights that opposite sex couples do when they marry? If their marriage fails, they'll have the same pain of dividing assets and click too.

Religion and Gay Marriage

A percentage of the population has always been gay. They may not be the majority, but being gay doesn't make them perverts or aliens. So it appears that faculty and the student body knew she was openly gay from the git go. She signed this "Lifestyle covenant" and knew of the schools official "Puritanism" The whole thing sounds goofy to me. The majority of comments on this article sound like so much noise on the playground.