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Real Life Couples of Lab Rats

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Explore JesseMc25's board "Favorite Celebrity" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Disney stars, Disney xd and Kelli o'hara. Bree Davenport. Disney XdDisney GirlsDisney MagicDisney PixarLab Rats DisneyKelli BerglundDisney StarsDisney Channel StarsKelli O'hara. Bree Davenport (formerly known as Subject B) is the sister of Adam Davenport, Chase Davenport. 27 Jul Owen makes a surprise visit to the house and pressures Bree for more than she is comfortable with. It's up to her family to protect her and pick up the pieces. As they do, Adam's secrets come out, and the family walks the line between their facade of normalcy and the truth. Bradam; not actual brothers/sister.

So I was bored, watched a handful of Lab Rats episodes on Netflix, and pumped this little story out. I noticed a surprising lack of Bradam pieces, so I decided to work on that. I always like The Cast Of Lab Rats Is Bree And Adam Hookup, unpopular noncanon pairings, but I am not ashamed!

So yeah… this strange rant is why I shouldn't be allowed to just sit and write a story from start to finish with little else in between… Anyway, I see more Chase, but it's annoying that he's so obviously Donald AND Douglas's favorite and the most powerful and about a billion other things.

It leaves the other two underutilized, and I really appreciate the way Adam and Bree always seem to be kind of in sync, making episodes where they work together the best. I just flat-out don't like Leo. I took a little bit of artistic license with Adam's stupidity and made it a little manipulative- like he's stupid but he knows it, so sometimes he uses the fact that everyone thinks he's an idiot to cover for things.

And if you're curious about the flower references throughout the story, I explain them in the ending author's note. The Secret Language of Flowers. Bree stretched herself languidly across the couch, enjoying a rare moment of relative peace. Tasha had recently ordered some new piece of furniture. What it was, Bree honestly did not care enough to find out, but she did know it was delivered earlier that day.

The delivery men were supposed to bring it in and install it, but due to link oversight on the company's part, it was merely left by the front-door. An angry phone call to the vendor reinforced the message that this object was entirely the Davenports' problem new policy: What followed was a chain reaction of silly boys trying to one-up each other:. Tasha obviously wanted Donald to take care of it, but he was lazy and thus wanted Adam to carry everything up.

And hey, technically it was manual labor- right up the tall guy's alley. This, of course, brought out Chase's competitive side, and he insisted that, as the smartest, he should be in charge of putting it together. Then Leo, wanting to seem manly too, tagged along with the other boys as usual, and in the end, Tasha knew better than to leave them unsupervised.

But none of that was Bree's problem. She had no manly pride, nor was she invested in this new… whatever it was. And they did not want her interfering with "men's work" anyway. That was obnoxiously chauvinistic, she thought, but fine.

Soon enough, Bree's back hit the wall on the far side of Chase's office. And I think pain is funny. Before she could say anything, Davenport cut in. If your dad had to make a house call yesterday, maybe that's what everyone is saying. Quick, grab the lampshade!

Let them screw it up. If Tasha and she were building it, they would take one look at the instructions and have it finished in no time.

Leaning in, he pressed a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth, feeling the warmth of her breath and the softness of her lips where they met her cheek. Davenport pulled up a chair and sat next to him, "I just wanted to talk to you boys about Bree. What is going on with you two? The poll was created at

But not their boys; they had stubbornly left the booklet on the kitchen counter. It was "to prove a point," they said. Served the morons right. She knew it was blasphemous, but honestly- she liked them better. Annakin and Obi-Wan were hot, and she liked Natalie Portman, so sue her!

Real Life Couples of Lab Rats

Quickly, she snagged the remote and switched it to an unobtrusively bland house-hunting show- if her brothers caught her watching Star Wars, she'd never hear the end of their nerding. It was nothing serious, it seemed, as Chase and he waved her off. He was fine, he said with a silent shrug as the two headed down to the lab, and she nodded, turning her attention to the parents walking down the stairs.

Davenport snorted, "Uh yeah, but then it wouldn't have all those cool mods!

The Cast Of Lab Rats Is Bree And Adam Hookup

You're truly a genius, baby. She leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "Some of the stuff they put in is actually pretty cool… wanna help me get ready? Bree held check this out to be fair and allow Tasha to get their first, out of breath and excited. The older woman dropped into the cushy white chair across from her new vanity and smiled at the reflection of the girl behind her.

The other returned it, smoothing down her 'mother's' hair and staring into the reflection. On the outside, it looked like a tasteful dressing table, simple and lovely. But they both knew better- it was a Davenport original. Donald gave it all sorts of features to organize my 'woman goop,' as he called it, and help me get ready.

A built in hair dryer around the mirror, built in nail-polish dryer in the drawer, adjustable lighting… and obviously some weird security feature that will automatically alert him if the mirror picks up on 'unusual or dangerous activity.

Tasha giggled, "Yeah, he's really sweet. Some amazing man is going to shower you with everything. Owen's great- he calls me his muse. Are you really that into art? It's pretty, a lot of the time… and flattering that he thinks of me as inspiration. I mean, I don't always get it, but it's the thought that counts.

Bree Davenport

You'll know it's a man in love and not just a boy http://hookuptime.info/qohu/athlete-hookup-reality-vs-imagination-quotes-dreams.php a crush- it's a whole different creature, Bree. He goes out of his way for you when you didn't even know you wanted it. He'll know your loves and your likes and your dislikes, every secret… It's a magical feeling. And they get so protective, worrying about you all the time.

Trust me," she winked, "it's hot. The girl blanched slightly, "Please don't talk about Davenport like that… it's kinda grossing me out. All I'm saying is that I want you to make sure whoever your with cares about what you want, not just what they want from you. The ladies made their way downstairs, where the boys were changing just click for source rewrapping Adam's hand.

Whenever he was injured, he always picked at it like a puppy. It took a few terse words, but after only a couple minutes, Leo and Davenport were prepared to brave the trip to Grandma Rose. Davenport looked at them seriously as he shrugged on his leather jacket.

There shouldn't be any residual contamination, but you can never be too careful. Just keep an eye on those readings, and at some point, you're going to need to take a soil sample. It's nothing complicated; we just need to be certain. I wrote out the specs for what we need and left them on the desk in the lab. D- I'll keep track of everything.

And later, Bree can pop over there for a quick sample. Bree rolled her eyes and bumped his hip with her own. There were times extremely, extremely rare times when Bree wondered why she had wanted to be a normal teen in the first place. Then there were moments like the one she was enduring with the boys, painfully endless click to see more of nothingness overwhelming her time.

It was like before their first missions, when all she had was the windowless lab that gave no connection to the outside world. Sometimes it felt the same, like she was back to being that trapped little girl, and it gave her an itchy, unsettled feeling in her bones.

It was why she avoided spending her free time in the lab whenever possible. Chase and Adam did not mind hanging out down there, she knew; they appreciated the comfort and safe base. But she had always been the adventurous one, the one most eager to go out and try new things. Being locked in the lab was hard for them, but it was downright unbearable for her. She had been given the ability to travel the world in seconds flat, the need here move and be everywhere, only to be trapped within a high-tech cage.

Days like this, when she sat aimlessly down there, caused that restlessness to creep up the back of here neck and into her brain. It gave her a panicked feeling, like she needed to be anywhere but there.

The Cast Of Lab Rats Is Bree And Adam Hookup

Leaving the house was tempting but sadly not an option. Soon she would have to speed over to Montvale for that soil sample, and in case of radiation, she needed her suit.

Caitlin was out with her boyfriend, so girl talk was not an option. And as much as her brothers annoyed her, wandering the house by herself just sounded lonely. She had already watched enough television to melt her brain during the whole dressing table debacle, and video games weren't exactly her speed.

Instead she spent her time sitting bored in the lab, twirling a strand of hair as she texted her boyfriend about how bored and alone she was. The bell rang unexpectedly, causing them all to read more. The cracker and mayonnaise tower Adam had been building collapsed, and Bree let out a small giggle. He stuck his tongue out at her but grinned, so she stuck hers out right back.

Chase paid them no mind and sat up http://hookuptime.info/qohu/how-to-leave-a-passive-aggressive-husband.php bit straighter.

He brought me flowers! She all but threw the door open, breathless and excited. He gave her a dopey, side-ways grin as he thrust out the flowers, like the ones Adam gave her when he was showing off one of his silly ideas or creations. I'm going to put them in water right now. I picked Marigolds cuz they're more unique, not ruined by mainstream media's ideals of romantic love.

Young Lab Rats Star ‘Excited’ Over Show’s Successful Debut (Video)

He looked pleased with himself for her excitement, and she looked at him over the blooms. Maybe this was what Tasha had been talking about earlier, about a boy thinking of you above all else. It was a sweet gesture, obviously meant entirely for her. Boys were never excited about flowers well, unless they were Adamso that had to count for putting her desires first, right? The fact that he had made it a little artsy was a small concession.

He shrugged, "I know you said you'd be home alone, and I thought I'd come here you company.