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30 Oct Federal court bars Trump administration from changing policy on transgender troops. A federal court has blocked President Trump from banning transgender troops from the military. In August, President Trump announced his plan to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military. practices related to homosexuality in the armed forces, and considerable revision of regulations occurred 6 For example, the Army instituted twenty-four separate revisions of its policy concerning homosexuals . explain “unnatural carnal copulation” in greater detail, the Manual for Courts Martial defines the phrase. 31 Jul The vast majority of the posts on Craigslist involve male soldiers seeking sex with other men - a practice that could have resulted in the discharge of both parities from the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell, which barred gays in the armed forces. ______. Apparently military commanders aren't just looking.

So now the rush to pressurise soldiers who have sex with men but who do not, or choose not, to identify as gay starts here? The lobby is still pressuring sportsmen to come out as gay simply because they are attracted to men, even when said men state it is not an exclusive attraction. How did sexuality ever become so simplistic and black and white that people would feel compelled to define themselves by a label above other more interesting defining characteristics?

Why should it even matter who he sleeps with or is attracted to at any particular time? Well it does to the gay militants because human sexuality as shades of grey is too complicated and complex an issue for them to grasp and indeed threatens its very survival, hence the pressure placed on these top level players to identify as gay and to heII with the fact that their sexuality is in fact fluid and not something that can be neatly pigeon-holed in black and white terms.

How is that either ethical or moral, and why does Pink News even presume that such depraved behaviour is appealing to gay-identified men? We really are reaching a critical point in how we regard and indeed label human sexuality.

There will be no more division around sex because people will no longer care, and Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace even identify as straight or gay will be laughed at and considered considerably uncool and posturing to the worst excesses of political correctness. And with it the need to be seen as click victim or the right to be offended or outraged by any remotely perceived slight.

And that time cannot come too soon, dear reader. In fact, it does tend to MAKE you them, so to speak. More info often make good points, Rob.

Military boys scare me so I don't think I'd date one I heard if you say the slightest shit they'd murder you and that they're so far gone in the head, in America anyway, are Canadian army dudes the same or less intimidating and dominate looking? Yhey no im click but there is no awkwardness, jusy another on of the boys. I was perfectly happy for you to stay in whichever hole you crawled out of to come on here. Want to add to the discussion? I will do anything i can to make sure he is safe and sound.

The vast majority of people in that recent survey indicated they were 0 straight1, 5 or 6 gay. Very few called themselves bisexual 2, 3 or 4.

So why the rush to label any man who has same sex attraction gay by those who identify as gay? It is not for them to say. You are only gay if you identify thus as gay is a construct, not a clinical term like homosexuality which itself has been demonised by the gay lobby surprise! There are different uses of the word. It can refer to an objective interest in the same sex or to an identity.

Why do only 60 people feel able to trust the army with this information? What do the British armed forces plan to do with such a self-chosen sexual orientation label stuck onto recruits anyway? It seems as useful as asking for someone to identify their taste in music.

Gay Army AMA : askgaybros

And will there be periodic checkups, where everybody who once identified with a sexual orientation label will be asked whether that self-identification is still current? The whole thing just seems absurd.

It is illegal to ask anyone about their sexuality, marital status, religion etc in a job interview in the UK, as that could be construed as discrimination if the applicant is unsuccessful. Discrimination is an entirely different legal area. And positive discrimination even more so. We need to hold piIIocks like Gareth to account on each and every insane utterance.

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But since click here privacy legislation we have is based on an EU directive, lots of other European countries have very similar legislation the degree of stringency of implementation of such directives can vary from country to country.

Not even the state can do that. This goes back a long way. One of the contributing factors to why a much higher percentage of Belgian Jews survived the Holocaust than Jews from the Netherlands, just across the border, is because the Belgian state had never kept, as a matter of constitutional principle, records of the religious affiliation of its citizens.

They did have those in the Netherlands and in fact kept on having them until the smaking it much easier to round up Jews. It was probably in that regard that the British Army was asking new applicants about their sexual orientation.

My friend was in the CF around and was out, he got so much shit for it he tried killing himself. Not to mention they are risking their lives and can die there so maybe they want to be spontaneous and live a little. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. Thanks for your response.

The Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace way to ascertain the extent to which these obstacles remain is to first identify how representative of the general population your organisation is. Theres a report about data bases missing almost every week usually found in dumpsters. I dont buy it 4 a minute. I have a please click for source when u think ur the head of house gurl of pink news and u beleive its ur god given right to be monitoring every1 elses responce and to be expecting answers as if ur marking essays.

Its not ur job to be right its ur job to comment. First of all, you messaged me — not the other way around. I was perfectly happy for you to stay in whichever hole you crawled out of to come on here.

Stop playn head of house gurl. AND this is just a comments section not a federal grand jury. But I imagine u play this righteous indignation card wiyh every1. On the subject of sexual orientation, no such data exists, that I have ever seen. What this attempt at a survey by the British armed forces also shows is that out of 10, recruits, There are only three possibilities: In either of these 3 scenarios, what good would this information do, to anyone, for any purpose?

What decisions would be made, or changed, on the basis of such information?

Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace

They ask about sexual orientation, along with ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital status and a number of other things. Asking about sexuality is just part of wholesale commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace.

There might be an argument against these policies as a whole but to exclude sexuality alone seems illogical to me. I have to reiterate my question: So what if an employer finds out that their employees are more likely than the general population to be married.

What is he supposed to do, on the basis of that information? Start hiring more married people, if the number is too low? Start firing married people, if the number is too high? The same thing applies to everything else you mention: I personally think that we should be a Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace society where people can achieve and succeed solely on the basis their merits and any labels are irrelevant to their potential in life.

For example, if we were a truly meritocratic society then by now we would see an equal representation of men and women article source FTSE boardrooms.

Also when people surround themselves solely with people who look, talk and think like http://hookuptime.info/qohu/polygamy-married-and-hookup-kamala-khan.php, it often creates a culture of group think or confirmation bias, leaving blind spots in decision making.

This is an issue which affects many police forces though. Many struggle to attract candidates from particular communities and this often engenders distrust and antipathy, especially in places where there has been historic abuse of power.

With regards to the military, it was only until fairly recently that gay Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace and women were allowed to serve openly.

From the data it suggests that many seem reluctant to identify themselves as LGB when asked. On the one hand that might be because they see the question as intrusive or irrelevant and therefore refuse to answer it honestly for personal reasons.

On the other hand however, given that the military was until recently seen as an organisation which was hostile to LGB people, they might not be self-identifying because they fear the possibility of repercussions if they do.

If I was the head of the MoD then that would concern me.

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Firstly it would concern me because the same perception of homophobia might be deterring other LGB people from joining up in the first place — that would be a terrible waste of potential talent.

There is no logic in assuming there would be a Perhaps more women than men click children, want to spend a few years being the primary care-giver, and even when the children are older, may be more likely to want a job where they can leave at 5 so they can spend quality time with their kids in the evenings. It just sounds like an ideological view, not one based on any facts.

Only if you assume the kind of characteristics needed to be in an FTSE boardroom are equally distributed among men and women. There are plenty of activities that are clearly, without any discriminatory pressure, overwhelmingly male or female. When was the last time you saw a female trainspotter, for instance?

Is the lack of female trainspotters a sign of clear discrimination by the male-dominated trainspotting power structure, which must be remedied to achieve trainspotting equality?

There is absolutely no reason why a group of people defined Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace by what kind of job they do must be a statistically representative sample of the population as a whole. The only fact I can find here is that 10, recruits to the British armed forces have been asked this optional question so far.

Only 60 answered it. Of those 60, less than five identified as non-heterosexual. The only thing one can deduce from that is that They sound like a very sensible lot to me. The fact that there is evidence that fewer and fewer people, especially younger ones and those are the ones in those armed forces statistics care about such labelling anymore makes enshrining it in pointless statistics even more silly. And your objections are reflected in the fact that these types of questions are wholly optional.

Meeting diversity quotas as opposed to ensuring they have the best men possible to fight their evil wars, you mean? What madness is THAT?!!

So now even the army has been infiltrated by the PC gulag?!! Try quoting the full thing before collapsing into a twitching heap of spasms and outrage. You really need to get a grip. And possibly get your Blood Pressure checked too…. I agree with JustPassingBy that the information is private and irrelevant to recruitment. Once people are enrolled, recruits can make a more informed decision as to whether they trust their colleagues and superiors with that info.

An honest and truthful article written by somebody with first-hand experience. Thank you Mr Wharton. There is nothing they can do or say to alter that, so it is time they started to live with it!

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Army Gays Army Hookup Policy In The Workplace