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Big Brother Canada: Tom and Liza talk about targets

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13 Mar Tom apparently went on a tirade about people wanting to keep Suzette in the house and how it's the house going against him. Topaz: “Talla is running her mouth around the house it's crazy” Topaz is trying to get Talla to hook up with Peter so that Peter feels safe and they can drop Liza. This plan was first. 10 Apr Alec wonders if Peter and Liza will hook up. Peter doesn't think so. Alec and Peter joke that they are going to the Vancouver casting calls for Season 2 of Big Brother Canada. Andrew mentions they should go as Emmett and Tom wearing muscle suits. Peter brings up something Tom said “You ask why. 26 Mar Yep, the pair established such a connection in under a month that they decided that getting matching tattoos was the way to go. The symbol represents the Power of Veto, when a contestant on the show has the ability to save a fellow housemate from eviction. Liza got the tattoo on her ankle, while Tom got.

Topaz is saying that she hates slop. Aj makes fun of her because all she does is sleep.

Are Tom And Liza From Big Brother Canada Hookup

Alec joins them and asks if AJ will help him cut his beard. Alec decides to get Andrews help. Aj tags along and they joke about Andrew and Aj being twins. Big Brother Canada live feed Gallery. Images are straight off the live feeds. We update these pictures throughout the day. Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. Andrew says that he feels like an outsider in this house with all these young people.

Are Tom And Liza From Big Brother Canada Hookup

He says that if he wins HOH this week he is ready to make some big moves. Andrew says if I win you will be up there with me figure out what we should do.

Jack'd Superstar, Legend and Icon Number of posts: And Peter had tweets about it people had linked to. And Peter and Jill always looked like they got along well. Then they undercut Topaz and evict AJ

Andrew says that it better be a 10 — 0 vote this week for Suzette to go home. Tom says who knows if we put up Talla and Aneal when Gary is the real target. Tom says that he is interested to see if Jillian or Talla wins. Andrew and Tom think its nuts that Emmett is sleeping in the havenots with Jillian. Tom tells Andrew how he will see all the people flood up to the HOH when you win and tell you so much stuff.

Suzette says that she has Liza, Jillian, Gary and you if you will vote for me. Aneal asks you have Liza? She is going to go against her man?

She is going to go against her man? Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. Emmett says a needle in the butt. Any other things I should know that wasn't apparent on the show?

Suzette says that she just needs to get Talla. Suzette says that there is going to come a point where the boys stick together. Suzette says that she is a way better competitor than Aj. Aneal says anything can happen. Suzette asks if I come back to you and say I have 5 people would you vote for me to stay?

Aneal says he is down for it. Aneal tells her to says that her loyalty would be to whatever the house wants. Suzette says she will have loyalty to whoever votes for her to stay.

Aneal says that he is willing to talk to people. The two biggest ones are Jillian and Liza. Suzette says that she talked to Source and she sees it.

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Emmett talks about getting a needle in his butt. He asks have you ever had that before, it hurts. Alec asks a needle in the butt or a needle in the butt hole? Emmett says a needle in the butt. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Talla is telling the others about her movie idea. She is going into a lot of detail and talking a mile a minute. She says its a movie about a documentary.

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The others keep interrupting her and asking questions. She tells them to leave their critiques till after the movie is over. Andrew says that he was picturing himself as the guy in her story jumping off a building.

He says that was hell on earth. The all say that they want their time back.

Liza instruct him to leave her name out of any conversations about Andrew nobody can know that what Andrew tells her gets sent up to king Tom. Talla barges in, Liza: Tom wastes no time go here tell Talla how dangerous Andrew is.

Liza tells him that they are going to leave this game as very close friends. JEff and Jordan were so boring. Aneal joins them they start talking about Suzette. Topaz explains that she talked to Talla after she had her meeting with King Tom and then she talked to Gary who was also in the meeting and the stories were different.

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This plan was first put forward by Alec. Tom is pissed about how Topaz has come up to him 3 times this week telling him that people I think are on my side are not really and that they are trying to keep Suzette. He says that the only people she talks to is Gary.

Tom says if we want we can get rid of Topaz and keep Aneal. Slop diet Read More. Newer posts 1 … 17 18 19 … 25 Older posts.