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MeetMe App Review - MeetMe Dating App

MeetMe helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now! It's fun, friendly, and free! Join + MILLION PEOPLE chatting and making new friends. It's for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds — EVERYONE! So what are you waiting for? Download the best app for finding new friends to. Meet-me is a geolocation social network app that helps you to meet friends, make friends, chat, flirt maybe even find a date online! Use your phone to pinpoint your location and search for people nearby that share your interests. You've got your network in your pocket watch it grow! Create your profile for free in just a few. Meet, chat, and have fun with new people — free! Member Login ››. MeetMe · Get it for. ANDROID Get it for. IOS Get it for. Windows New to MeetMe? Quick signup with Facebook. or sign up with email. Name. required. Email. invalid email address. Password. too short. Birthdate. invalid birthdate. Gender. Gender, Female.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. MeetMe helps you find new people nearby who share your interests and want to chat now! So what are you waiting for? Download the best app for finding new friends to chat with! It kept saying I wasnt click I was.

So i deleted my account, made a new one. Figured it out no help from app deleted that account to get my first one back.

Now app wont work at all. Cant use old or new email. Your feedback request was a no go. When I sign in thru Facebook, it wont let me change my location at all. Indiana cities are valid! I have had meet me for a very long time. I paid for 6 months of plus,and it has not changed one thing and says upgrade to plus. My app store shows it was paid for Do NOT play invisible audio ads on my phone. If you're going to have ads, at least respect your users enough to allow them to close them if it's something they aren't interested in.

Outside of that, the app is mediocre at best. Lots of fake users, excessive notifications. Have met a few nice people on here and got lucky as well. Best thing about this app is that you can message anyone for free and unlimited chat. So I would say this is a pretty good app for free. A lot of spam profiles too but its easy to tell the difference though so Is The Meet Me App A Dating Site a decent app.

I have messaged MeetMe Personnel several times to remove someone's page for the simple fact that they are advertising hatred. My request have been ignored several times with no staff getting back to me to fix the problem.

Is The Meet Me App A Dating Site

There are a lot of people online MeetMe live section that spread hatred and disrespect. Once again I say meet me needs to change its rules about the live section.

Hatred Flags are being displayed on peoples live stream and hatred words.

I'm sure drug users have an app just for that, this app would be cleaned up so much if all that were removed. I'm going to try it again if it still won't work I guess I delet it Full Review. Hit-or-miss app adds nothing to the FB experience.

App no longer freezes, so far, but you all seriously need to give the ability to report people for advertising drugs, drug use, and posting pictures of drugs. I'm sure drug users have an app just for that, this app would be cleaned up so much if all that were removed. Right now the news feed section looks like an ad for trailer trash. User reviews Stephanie Mahoney February 8, A Google User February 11, Gavin Rios February 11, Zohair Hadi February 8, Rico Mobs February 13, Hatred Flags are being displayed on peoples live stream and hatred words Full Review.

Janet Bryson February 14, Branden Dion February 13, It won't let me log http://hookuptime.info/pito/titanfall-taking-forever-to-retrieve-matchmaking-list.php

One more step

I signed up with Facebook, then suddenly it kicked me off and now it's asking for verification and a password change. Which wouldn't see more a problem, except i can't get past the password change because i had no password before! This is easily the worse app ever. All it ever does is freeze and lock up your phone.

This app will cause you to throw your phine against the wall its so useless. Christina Dominguez February 13, The third day I had a racist Mexican tell me I could be hanged because I am black I reported him but I cannot get into my account.

If your going to have a dating site get rid of the racists!!! Mind you the guy is 21 Mexican and racist against black women and came at me for no reason, but I can't log back in for no reason. Slim Pewypews February 13, Prostitution, scam accounts, lots of trannies posing as the opposite sex.


Its a bit wierd, but i guess it serves it's purpose. Legit, it just cements your spite for whatever trash they throw your way.

Is The Meet Me App A Dating Site

Jimmy Two-Nipples February 11, It worked fine for about 5 minutes, then logged me this web page for no reason. I tried logging in through Facebook, it either said something about "too much activity" or "Whoops!

Christi Engle February 15, Lots of bugs and wont load often. Now won't let me log on and change my password to log on and have tried to contact the site reguarding this Is The Meet Me App A Dating Site times. Tevin Henderson February 12, Most women have their profiles blocked due to rampant trolling of guys and few steps taken to help with this implimented over the years.

Also the ads are invasive and some of them contain links to shady sites. Just had to remove malware from an accidental site opening from an ad on the app. Sara Avery February 11, Way too many fake profiles. Cannot change friend suggestions from one gender to another. When this app first came out you were able to change that setting now you cannot. Gina Weber February 8, You have to open the message to see where the person who messaged you is from to help determine if they're fake or not.

Put the location next to their name in the message notification. App also closes every time you delete a message. Total battery hog also. Davis Mitchell February 11, Its a working app.

Its littered with bots and the actual watching people part is pretty bad. You cant search for people and honestly its just a garbage version of Twitch irl Full Review. Brandon Dimopoulos February 14, Fake accounts pretending to be women for donations to PayPalfake accounts requesting to have money transfered to your account o help them out.

Nikky25 February 8, Based on 11 reviews. You have to search each sexualit individually. Says the phone number i entered is invalid.

Staff don't do enough to help clean up the community and its getting worse BT the day but besides meet me being the number 1 hotspot for fraud Its pretty good for chatting on ect. Again beware fraud Full Review. Robert McNary February 13, Too many fakes, Hispanic women and East Europeans. I certainly do not mind ads but these are far too intrusive.

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I doubt anyone posing with a cellphone. Plus I don't think the "women" and I use that term sparingly really read the profiles. I've found that few are actually from the cities posted. Angel Lives February 7, Josh Alexander February 12, This app has become garbage with an abused report option. This app doesn't even bother trying to weed link the spam, as long as they get your money, and even then, they'll bam tlu Full Review.

I bought meet me plus yesterday and today it won't let me access any of my messages, notifications, posts, or meet me all it allows me to learn more here is watch other people's live videos I was satisfied yesterday but if this continues and I lose actual dates I was talking about to people I'd like a refund for my 26 dollar payment Full Review.

Dominic White February 12, First day using it, so I hope it levels out in time. More than a few fake profiles, but honestly it was expected.

Also, you have to pay no less than five dollars, simply filter profile recommendations, which sucks. Paid items should be purely Is The Meet Me App A Dating Site you have to pay those too.