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hookuptime.info has GAMES, VIDEOS, BLOGS, and PHOTOS of Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, Spencer and MORE! What are you waiting for? Head over there NOW!. In November of this season, the iCarly crew accidentally starts a fan war at WebiCon over who should date, Carly and Freddie (Creddie), or Sam and Freddie (Seddie). Despite the three confirming that none of them are dating, the fan war still seemingly remains unresolved. However, five months later, the three complete. We STILL can't get over that Sam and Freddie are dating! NEW iCARLY in 2 DAYS!" to promote the episode. Sam and Freddie are dating in this episode. T-Bo appears in this episode. Carly's snoring machine was seen on a Drake & Josh episode, as used by Harry Doheny. In the scene where Gibby goes to the iCarly studio.

The fourth season of iCarly began airing on Nickelodeon July 30,and ended on June 11, Jerry Trainor co-stars as Carly's big brother Spencer. Noah Munck joins the main cast this season as Gibby Gibson. Starting from this season onwards, Gibby begins to hang out more often with Carly, Sam and Freddie than in the past three seasons.

Despite the three confirming that none of them are dating, the fan war still seemingly remains unresolved. However, five months later, the three complete their two-month search for an intern for iCarly, at which point Sam—much to Carly's and Freddie's confusion and suspiciousness—begins hanging out with Freddie and Brad, the new intern, every time she gets the chance to.

When Freddie tests his selfmade "MoodFace" app on Sam, it confirms that she's actually in love. Thinking that Read article still hates Freddie, he and Carly misunderstand the results, believing that Sam is in love with Brad, and Carly takes great steps into proving this. Sam still tries to convince her that she is not in love with him though.

Freddie later finds Sam in the school yard and gives her a heart-to-heart talk about opening up and taking a risk when it comes to romantic feelings, not realizing that he is actually referring to himself.

Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly

In the middle of the talk, Sam grabs Freddie and kisses him passionately, revealing that in fact he is the one she is in love with, as a shocked Carly watches through the window. Spencer wants to make Carly's birthday the best ever. Carly asks Spencer to get a haircut and Gibby's Grandfather, who is blind, does so, making his hair shorter. He then makes a gummmy bear lamp and puts it in Carly's room which later sets Carly's room on fire.

Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly

Spencer makes Carly get a job at the groovy smoothie while He, Sam, Freddie, Gibby and a bunch of workers, engineers and technologists work to put a new room for Carly.

Things in the new room include a make up station an computerized wardrobe and a gummy bear Chandelier made from fire proof gummy bears. After an argument with her mother, Sam moves in with Carly. When Sam's unfortunate habits and messy living conditions become a problem, Carly invites Pam, Sam's mother, to the apartment so she and her daughter could resolve their problems.

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The solution becomes an enormous argument, in which the Shay sofa gets thrown into the kitchen by Sam and her mother. Sam and Pam go to therapy and are locked in a tiny room called a therapy box, in which they are not set free unless they make up and act nice.

The therapist figures Carly can talk some sense into them, and locks Carly with the ladies, in which Carly eventually has an unfortunate claustrophobic attack while in such a small space. Pam and Sam make up and hug, with a happy ending. Meanwhile, Freddie becomes trapped in danger after a criminal who he unmasked at Groovy Smoothie discovers his address and identification. So he and Mrs. Benson hide in Carly and Spencer's apartment, along with a body guard who was in the army.

This annoys Spencer into switching the numbers please click for source Freddie's door with the ones on the door down the hall, which successfully works when the criminal comes to seek revenge.

Jane Lynch as Pam Puckett. After showing their viewers of iCarly the bloody pickle prank video this leads to talking of pranks. Sam and Freddie have pulled great pranks except Carly causing Sam and Freddie to tell her the knock knock jokes and pranking Lewbert don't count and make fun of her and forcing her to prank someone.

When Spencer had a problem Carly forces Spencer to talk about his pranking experience and help her prank Freddie and Sam, Spencer cannot stop pranking people. The worst part is he didn't learn his lesson from Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly traumatic pranking experience which involved dumping garlic powder on the kids' eyes when he was in high school that occurred 14 years earlier.

In the end, Carly gets the kids from Spencer's high school to come to their house. Carly goes upstairs to get her video camera, but by the time she gets down, the adult kids beat up Spencer, and rush out when Carly catches them. Spencer then admits he understands how bad pranking can be and the episode ends.

When Carly, Sam and Freddie's penny tees are a hit, they decide to go into business to make them, so when Sam decides to hire fourth graders from a bible school to make the Penny Tees, Sam and Freddie both get different ideas on how to treat the children.

Later in the episode, Sam splits the kids up and kids with last names from N-Z go to Carly and other kids stay with Sam. Carly and Freddie's kids think that it's all about breaks and having fun, and when they only make 6 tees in 1 day, Carly and Freddie stop the business.

In the end, they try to give the kids a second chance but turns out they already started their own Penny Tee business and hired writers their age. Meanwhile in the episode, Spencer dates a girl from Uzbekistan. Spencer doesn't understand what she says, since she does not speak a word of English. Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly he tells Gibby to bring over his bus driver also from Uzbekistan but since he doesn't speak English, the girls ends up going out with the bus driver instead.

A couple from Wisconsin desperately wants to get married but things take a step when the bride decides that she wants to marry Spencer instead. Carly desperately asks the groom to sing the song to try to marry the bride again, but he wets his pants and feels too embarrassed. So Carly sings the song that the groom wrote. Meanwhile, Gibby and Guppy spot a 5 dollar bill in a tree and try to get help from an elderly woman named Hazel. They then get the five dollar bill and they run away before she sees them.

The iCarly team is going to Webicon an awards show for websites and other things on the internet and they accidentally start a fan war, a war between fans thanks to Sam. The fans are divided who should end up together: Meanwhile Spencer faces battle-to-battle with his online gaming nemesis, Asparatamay Jack Black and when Aspartamay finds out his opponent Aruthur has a sister he tries to destroy her.

iDate Sam & Freddie

As a sub-plot, Gibby's grandfather is supposed to go to Webicon along with Gibby and Guppy but he complains that wants to have soup first. Sam becomes obsessed with Fat Shakes like her favourite snack the Fat Cakes.

Jack Black as Aspartamay Special guest appearances by: Fan 1, Mark Antani as W. Fan 2, Andrea Swain as W. Exhausted by the work needed to run iCarly, the cast holds interviews for a new intern. This web page and Carly find an interviewee named Cort extremely attractive and hire him on the spot, despite the fact that he is obviously very incompetent and unintelligent.

Cort immediately starts causing problems at iCarly such as pouring lemonade over Freddie's laptop and scribbling over his pearpad, and Freddie insists that he should be fired. Carly and Sam refuse, so Freddie decides to hire an extremely attractive but dumb girl named Ashley as an intern.

Cort and Ashley both make too much trouble with their stupidity, so Freddie offers to fire Ashley if the girls agree to fire Cort.

Carly catches Steven with Tori, and she sees him giving Tori the same exact charm bracelet that he gave her and telling her, "it's one of a kind, just like you", which he also had told Carly at the beginning of the episode. She made a similar drawing of Jonah, her boyfriend, and her on iHate Sam's Boyfriend ; this could mean that she thinks of Freddie as a boyfriend. When Freddie is wearing stripes up in Fred's tree house Sam does not say she hates it or bother him about it.

Sam and Carly agree and both interns are fired. However as she's leaving, we learn that Ashley is actually intelligent and that she was pretending to be dumb for a sociology assignment. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to sneak his Bottle Bot sculpture into an art museum to prevent his grandfather from making him go back to law school. Cort eventually comes back seeing he is in an Elevator but is still fired.

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Brad a smart boy originally went up for the Job but takes it in iOMG. A video of Nevel Papperman in his first appearance since Season 2's "iFight Shelby Marx" yelling at a little girl goes viral and ruins link image, so he asks the iCarly gang for help in restoring his reputation.

The iCarly gang help Nevel by posting a video of him selling smoothies to customers and creamed corn at the Groovy Smoothie. The attempt fails to restore his reputation.

Nevel then chooses to sincerely apologize on iCarly to the little girl he yelled at. This succeeds in gaining the public's sympathy and Nevel is no longer hated. That is, until he is caught on video losing his temper with a man in a wheelchair who bumped into him. Nevel later appears in iHalfoween seeking revenge on the gang for not helping him get over the wheelchair incident. Ridgeway High School is holding a lock-in during which students pull all-nighters and work on finishing projects.

At the beginning of the episode the character Brad previously seen in iHire an Idiot is hired as an intern for iCarly. He and Freddie team up for their school project, which is a mood reader application for the Click to see more called Mood Face.

To everyone's surprise, Sam volunteers to work with them on their project, and they accept her help. In the following scene we find out that Sam has uncharacteristically been choosing to hang out with Freddie and Brad often.

Spencer agrees to help Carly and Gibby with their project, which includes performing psychological experiments, by being their test subject.

Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly the lock-in, Freddie becomes suspicious of Sam's nice behavior towards him and Brad. When he tests his Mood Face app on Sam, the results say she's in love and Freddie immediately assumes that Brad is the object of Sam's affection. He runs to tell Carly the news, which leads Carly to confront Sam about loving Brad. Sam denies having feelings for Brad, but Carly doesn't believe this to be true.

Taking matters into her own hands, Carly decides just click for source set Sam and Brad up with Freddie's help by leaving them alone in a classroom. Afterwards, Sam Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly confronts Carly about her matchmaking attempt and insists that she doesn't love Brad. Carly remains unconvinced, mainly because of Sam's recent eagerness to spend time with Freddie and Brad any chance she gets.

Sam leaves and goes to sit alone outside the school. Freddie goes out to where she is to talk about what's happened. Sam once again denies being in love with Brad and, frustrated—as she has to admit to herself that Freddie can't even imagine her being in love with him and still thinks she hates him due to all the things she herself had done to him in the past years—tells Freddie to leave.

However, he instead decides to stay and gives her advice about taking a risk with love. Halfway through Freddie giving Sam advice, Sam kisses Freddie.

The episode ends with a shocked Carly watching the scene from inside the school through a window. Carly is in a brand new relationship with a boy named Steven. Sam goes online to TheSlap. The group, including Gibby, decide to drive down to Los Angeles and Is Sam And Freddie Still Dating On Icarly a party at Kenan Thompson's house that Andre is holding to find out if Steven is really cheating on Carly.

But before they arrive at the party, they get professional disguises for the party in case anyone recognizes the iCarly gang which would cause major distractions. They stop at the house of Moni, who was Spencer's past girlfriend and is also a celebrity makeup artist. Moni, though still angry at Spencer for backing a car over her, transforms them into different looking people.

The episode ends with a shocked Carly watching the scene from inside the school through a window. Sam tugs Freddie toward her and says "Mama plays to win". The episode ends with Carly questioning Sam and Freddie if they liked the kiss. Sam appears to be almost leaning on Freddie. Sam was the one to suggest getting the winner's face tattooed, possibly hinting she wanted Freddie to have a tattoo of her face on his arm.

Carly catches Steven with Tori, and she sees him giving Tori the same exact charm bracelet that he gave her and telling her, "it's one of a kind, just like you", which he also had told Carly at the beginning of the episode. Tori then tells Steven that she loves him and Steven says "I love you too" making Carly devastated.

Tori finds Carly and her friends at the party, now in their normal looks.