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Can't get a girl to save my life HELP!!!!!!!

18 Dec If you regularly browse Thought Catalog, you may have read Emmi Jacqueline's post: 6 possible reasons you can't find a nice guy and you probably browsed the I don't believe that “they” are the only reason of my rather unsuccessful love life . Loving someone will not automatically save or fix him or her. 4 Jan I can talk to girls but I'm having a hard time just getting a date. A few weeks ago, my sister and I were out at a club and she was meeting some girlfriends of hers. I started talking to a cute girl. All of the sudden, near the end of the night, she randomly said that she had to leave and all of her friends left as well. The last 4 years have just been so lonely. It seems like every girl I try to talk to just doesn't want anything to do with me. The few girls I meet in class don't seem to want anything to do with me outside of class.

What is Social Anxiety? Overview Find a Therapist Online Therapy. Overview Find a Group Telephone Groups. Announcements Board Help and Feedback. Reply Page 1 of continue reading 1 2. Can't find a girlfriend to save my life. Like if someone said you have 24 hours to find a GF or die, I have serious doubts that I would have a girlfriend, and I most likely be dead.

Look guys I'm completely lost when it comes too females. I'm completely terrified but have come out of my shell a little bit now that I take Adderall, but even with 30mg of speed based pills. I'm still nervous around girls, I'm very nice. I smile at them, try to talk to them and its like no girl ever gives me the time of day. They're either taken or rude with mental issues.

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I have a good body image, I think I'm hot. I send out over 50 messages to women on plenty of fish, I kid you not maybe 1 or 2 replies and than it's dead, the rest don't even bother to message me back.

I'm not gonna lie, it hurts. Bad thoughts follow, is there something obviously wrong with me? I feel unwanted and as the days past I wonder I'll ever I Can T Get A Date To Save My Life a female partner ship. This hasn't helped my drug use, I'll tell you that. It's not my only problem and reason for taking drugs but I must say loneliness is a key reason read article my abuse.

I'm growing anger and bitter toward people not just women, however I still try to treat everyone like I would like to be treat and that is with respect, value and compassionate.

I'm a good guy, I don't like to see others in pain. It hurts when people say nice guys finish last. I'm not gonna change because I can't change who I am, and I just want for someone to love me for who I am.

It feels like a I Can T Get A Date To Save My Life tiny knifes stabbing my heart and throwing salt into the wounds. I can feel like heart breakings, it's a physical feeling like butterflies and chills near my heart region.

What can I do? I keep telling myself I don't need a GF, but it's a natural instinct that you can't wish away, the need to find a mate doesn't leave, sometimes I wish I didn't have manly urges to go forth a multipley but without this instinct, the human race wouldn't be sustainable.

What do I do guys? I don't know what I should do? Should I click here give up? Adderall XR 30mg "He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man.

I smile at them. I think everyone does. I really don't think I will. It's gonna be harder and harder as time goes by. I haven't given up, I'm done trying, the woman is gonna have to persue me, not putting anymore wasted time and effort into it, only for heart ache in the end, when I could be doing something that will actually benefit my life.

I'm done chasing around, like a rat following a piece of cheese on a string only for that cheese to be pulled away at the last second. Yeah you could say that. I am 53, and my relationship history is a joke.

I Can T Get A Date To Save My Life

I hope that you can find a girlfriend. Lord knows, I haven't been able to keep one. I truly believe I was meant to be single my whole life. I am a good person, always treated women well, and have a good heart. I have dealt with depression practically my whole life, and some women weren't very receptive to a person dealing with life's problems.

Anyway, I hope that you find a girlfriend. Originally Posted by Ichigo91 View Post. I am very nice too to girls, and I smile to them a lot, I think that's what's wrong.

I Can T Get A Date To Save My Life

I saw it many times and some girls told me that guys that are very polite and nice to them are a turn off. Girls are very strange right? Even 4 out of 10s get like 50 messeges a day. It was a waste of time! Thanks for the support guys. I'll keep my head up, the dating world has put me threw the ringer and my me stop and question myself after a few failed relationships, it's almost like the women can sense that I'm damaged goods and return it back to the store in they found it, in my case the cold wet winter streets and compound that with debilitating social phobia, and you end up like me alone, watching the click birds go by on the street go here the store, walking out of the house.

And I'm walking it alone, the lone wolf, crawling and walking about feeling voids, substituting and manufacturing "red meat" and in my case good natural human emotion. But never feeling fed, eyes peeled, always on the look out, for someone to throw him a bone while the wolf waits for his time, his moment in the sun. Someday when I cross paths with that wolf walking with his beautiful wife and a couple cubs following along, our eyes will meet, he won't say anything to me nor me to him, but we both know that he had made it.

That he was happy. You sound like a nice guy, and I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble finding an equally nice lady friend. I think everything else can be worked on and learned.

When I was newly single I snatched him up and that was that. But I've gone on dates with people I met online. My Best Friend's Girl exaggerated but quite accurate; ignore the ending. Finally, it's not so much about desperation or not caring as click is finding fulflilment and wholeness in yourself. I'm not doing that.

I think it might be helpful for you if you chilled for a bit on really pursuing a significant other, and just take some time to work on your confidence speaking to women in general. I would also not disclose that you have a mental illness in your profile.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you at all.

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I have the most success with people when I ask them questions about themselves which might lead into one of my interests so we might find things to talk about. I know I used to have that problem and never understood why everyone always seemed to flee from conversation with me. I've had much better success chatting with strangers since improving keeping eye contact. Originally Posted by killthebananas View Post.

Most people couldn't find somebody in 24 hours. I think 24 million years would be the more appropriate thing in my case lol. I can't give advice on finding a girlfriend, I'm struggling very much with that as well.

I am wondering if your asking for the date to early or asking in a very awkward manner. Should you donate your car? You must log in or sign up to reply here. What are you looking for in a girl?

But don't beat yourself up with the online dating thing. Everyone has a hard time with online dating. If anything from what Check this out read and experience getting women to reply at a time is very good. Remember online dating leads to extreme pickyness because there are so much people on it. From time to time I too become very bitter with the constant rejection, but I am learning how to not let it ruin my day.

How is your offline dating? Because I don't do only online dating to meet women, I push myself to go to bars, or speed dating or little stuff like that. And I cold approach a lot which honestly may be worse than online dating especially us SA guys.

I would like to know, how does one keep confidence when he's always rejected? If it were really critical, I bet you or most anyone could find a girlfriend in a day. It's just that it's never critical. If you're a social person and like to talk to people, even with some anxiety you will eventually find girls you connect with and who connect with you and you both take a liking to each other. If you aren't all that social, then I think you have to carefully weigh whether your sense of happiness with who you are is stronger or weaker than your loneliness and wish to be with a girl.

can't get laid to save my life.

If it is weaker, than have yourself a click here drinks to weather your inhibitions and get out there and do your thing or inhibit your inhibitions with willpower if that's how you fly whatevers. If it is stronger, then you are just likely to never find anyone so long as you keep answering that way. I seem to always feel that my self-satisfaction is the stronger and accept the consequences, but I have little faith that this is the right or good answer.

You have to consider that when someone tells you to just go work on yourself for awhile.

We are the drop, the wave, and the tide. I want a girl to be nice to me and be similar to me. I would look for someone who thinks this way, if it were me. Just advice to you. Depends on if you're just looking for any girl, I Can T Get A Date To Save My Life only girls that everyone else likes. If even some drug addicts who live on the streets and psychos can get a girlfriend, then it can't be that hard for a socially awkward person to get one if they really had to.

I well understand fear of the opposite sex and fearing rejection. I've struggled with that all of my life. Maybe putting yourself in less threatening situations would help? Maybe try joining a local club or group so that the focus is on an activityand not on dating? While the conscious or unconscious "standard" is for women to be attracted to strong, confident, self-assured men, once people get to know you as a friend first, they can more easily accept you for you because they're not looking at you as potential dating material or a life partner.

Then once they know and accept you for you, guess what? That would send any girl or guy running!