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Looking for online definition of SD or what SD stands for? SD is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. 1 meanings of SD acronym and SD abbreviation in Text messaging. Get the Internet slang definition of SD in Text messaging by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition: Sad In Text messaging. In Internet slang dictionary category. Meaning "so drunk", SD is used when one is incapable of forming actual words due to their severe level of intoxication. It is also perfect for college dorm white boards, when you want your friends to know how drunk you are but would prefer if your RA did not. "Hey, are you okay?" "(slurred) SD!" "I was so SD Friday night after.

Sex in exchange for supporting someone. Anyone on here in one of these or have any experience?

Meet singles at DateHookup. Your government is pathetic! What did your quick internet search tell you about how common it was in the past? Oh, you didn't do one? Is this a Presidential Erection Commercial? Also I'm with tea on this one. Betty that hangs at the gas station down the street charges more than that.

What Does Sd Mean In Texting

Because of our puerile views on sex or our lousy healthcare system? At least my country wasn't born out of a penal colony. You should reread what I wrote. Then stop the false advertising.

I'm talking about the middle B. I guess men are being paid back for the 's.

What does "sd" mean in a text message?

FYI, I told her to forget it. If I'm gonna pay for sex, I'm going to What Does Sd Mean In Texting it the old fashioned way: Point in case in this thread. Cunningham and June Cleaver sugar babies! Cunningham and the Beaver's dad weren't Sugar Daddies! Errr, wait, by your definition a stay at home mom is a sugar baby and her husband is a sugar daddy? I'm not from Australia, so I don't know what you're getting at I'm saying women are finally paying us back for all the "Mad Men" antics our dad's participated in I respect myself too much to ask for someone to support me.

I don't think a woman or a man that let's their partner pay the bills is automatically a bad visit web page. I'd wager prior to the 60's most What Does Sd Mean In Texting had a single bread winner. The fact my grandfather worked and supported the house and grandma stayed home doesn't make grandma a bad person.

It's not always about 'having respect for yourself' as it could be about wanting to nurture a family. Explain to me how my own personal experiences can be wrong? I didn't declare anything to be absolute. So go troll elsewhere fatty. Not for nothing, back when our kids were little, I'd rather either my wife or I stay home and be the primary caregiver instead of some daycare.

Not link what is worse here. The fact that she is selling herself or your need to share it. I'm not stupid nor desperate. You see it more, therefore it must be more common.

HD vs. SD -- High / Standard Definition Comparison Video & Explanation

Must be that new pay as you go health plan in PA! It's always has been common just the last 10 or so years they came up with a name for it. I'm not even going to shake hands for an inhaler. And I really wanted that hand shake. It's basically a legal way of being a prostitute.

For the best answers, search on this site https: And there have always been mistresses. Do not post links or discuss hacks, bots, or illegal services, including currency sellers. Check out the Notice before posting. Tell a friend about InternetSlang.

To each their own. Aw, you don't find me beautiful. That's OK, neither do I. It's neither an advertisement nor a manifesto, Einstein. Can you tell me what insulting my appearance has to do with you being too stupid to even allow for the possibility that your premise is wrong? Or did you want to go with personal insult again? I don't think they are getting any more common than they were before. The media plays a huge part in why What Does Sd Mean In Texting appear more common.

Just because we see it more doesn't mean it IS more common. It just means that the media is giving it more attention. It isn't as taboo as it used to be.

Another one that doesn't know what a troll is. I will explain it to you, moron. It's your perception and interpretation of your limited experiences that can be completely wrong. You don't understand that, do you? I was waiting for some man to say "Didn't they used to call that marriage? And there have always been mistresses.

What Does Sd Mean In Texting

Nothing new under the sun. I think, i think im going to the walmart pharmacy section now The little bit you can find about the amount of prostitution in the past is appalling. Women had few choices. Omg your kidding right? I'm thinking you get the prize for the most stupid thread tonight. I never win anything!! Op, if you think buying the girl an inhaler is equivelant to supporting someone, you've got bigger issues to deal with Gross exaggeration on your part I was checking out the website I posted earlier and that's how these things start It's all about testing the water to see what they can get away with.

Gutless, spineless socialist who never had a kind word for the country that elected him "president". It is so nice to know though that every single thing that has gone wrong with the presidency of Obummer is the fault of W. The man cannot take responsiobility for his one mistake. W is still his bogie man. Is anyone buying this anymore?

I have no kids yet, but I'm rather sure it'd be continue reading difficult for me to allow kids to go and be raised by people in a daycare instead of one of their parents.

However, I understand that to pay the bills in this economy, some couples both need to have jobs. As long as both are pulling weight equally, I'm fine with one staying home to take care of the home and child What Does Sd Mean In Texting. Sometimes, works means not leaving the What Does Sd Mean In Texting at all, considering how much there is to take care of in the home.

Have to pay to get my passport back from the authorities and I'm stuck in a foreign country.

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It's not a real profile. It's a classic web scammer. And don't do IM with people you don't know it opens all your ports past the firewall. There'll be a keylogger or other trojan attached to every pic the IM loads and any link they place, like "hey check this website out www. I'm sharing it because I think it's sad, but funny. Is that OK with you? Haha thanks man, but this isn't my first rodeo. It's either a scam or she's a prostitute.

FYI, I told her to forget it. Or any of the other slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here at Internet Slang? Account giveaways are OK as long they are open to everyone and hosted on Reddit, not off-site. I have no kids yet, but I'm rather sure it'd be incredibly difficult for me to allow kids to go and be raised by people in a daycare instead of one of their parents. People shouldn't have to click off-site to find out what the video is about.

Either way, she found the wrong guy.