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Connecting a Washing Machine to a Kitchen Sink: 6 Steps

26 Apr We went to a major appliance store and asked whether the standard machines we were looking at could be hooked up to our kitchen sink; of course the Yes they are and when you hook it up to your sink and get an off balanced load where the washer may be pulling at the hose, you might end up with a. 10 Aug No Need For Separate Hot & Cold Water Connections: With the use of some optional accessories, such as a Y-connector and faucet adapter, a washer dryer combo can be easily connected to your kitchen, bathroom or any other sink. This allows you to use it just about anywhere, without the need for. 22 May You can hook up a full-size washing machine to the faucet on most kitchen sinks using an adapter for the water intake and drain hoses. This can be Hooking up the washing machine to the sink takes less than five minutes. Hook up the waher adapter to your kitchen sink for a temporary laundry solution.

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If you do not follow Reddit's rules for self promotion and spamyour post will be removed. The wiki could use your help so please take a look and contribute! Message the moderators if you are not seeing your post or want to send article source compliment. Anyone have experience using a washer dryer combo in a small apartment?

I'm really tired of running to coin-ops for my laundry and I'm in a position in my life where I can spend a little bit of money on a luxury like this. However, my apartment doesn't have typical water hookups. I've casually browsed some appliance websites and I see that there are ventless options that can hookup to sink faucets.

I'm just not sure how well those work. I also like the idea of a side loading unit as it would be easier on the clothes. I've had a smaller version of this one for years only 4. You can only do small loads, but it's quick and pays for itself quickly compared to laundromats.

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I had one similar to this and it was awesome. We hung just click for source clothes outside to dry and it Washing Machines That Hook Up To Your Kitchen Sink brilliantly, even in a 4 person household with kids.

One more yes for this. I had one with the tiny electric tumble dryer. Used it for about a year and a half and only stopped when I moved someplace with hookups and got full sized. I can't say enough good about them. I'm having to either store or sell them right now and the selling possibility is tough. They were just my favorite things for a long long time.

This makes me wonder if an old fashioned wringer-washer would be suitable. Or one of those not-quite-so old fashioned two-tub washing machines - I'm sure they were around when people only had one faucet in the house so I'd expect that they would be designed for manual water filling. If you're drawing water from a well, then you must have a reasonable solution for doing the laundry in similar circumstances as OP finds themselves in.

Check your lease first. Many places do not allow hook ups for the simple reason that the pipes cannot handle the amount of water pushed through and this can cause drain backups, headaches, damages, threatened lawsuits, and yelling from people below you in the drainage system. Bathrooms, in general and especially in apartment buildings or condos, tend to tie their draining system into larger diameter pipes.

I would go look at RV forums and see which ones they like the most. My mom had one of those for her apartment.

She said it was easy to use and loved it mainly because she couldn't get over public laundry places. Her's had the dryer on top and a top load washer on bottom.

It worked like a regular set up, she just couldn't use her kitchen sink while doing a load which wasn't a big problem. I use a soy sauce bucket I picked up from a sushi place. Drill holes in the plunger so It wont stick to the bottom. Soak laundry for 20 minutes. Use the plunger to beat up laundry. Then wash out and hang to dry. Takes about 10 minutes minues the soak time.

Connecting to a Sink - Haier HLPW028AXW Top-Load Compact Washer

If you can clean diapers with little more than a bucket and a plunger, then it will definitely work for some clothes. Plus, using your body to do things seems pretty hilarious but there's an obesity epidemic and an energy crisis going on right now - I can imagine that there are people in developing countries Washing Machines That Hook Up To Your Kitchen Sink would laugh when they hear that people in the West are so overweight that they can barely move and that we find it a struggle to wash our clothes by putting them into a machine for an hour or two.

I do the same thing with a 5 gallon http://hookuptime.info/muri/hook-up-spots-in-san-antonio.php. I find it easier to just use my foot to agitate instead of the plunger. I keep the bucket in my shower and do small load while a take a shower.

Call me crazy but I love it. Save me some stress on my back while bending over. Can you post link link to the type of bucket you're talking about?

I sometimes did laundry in a large plastic garbage can around 13 gal in college then hung to dry. Its just like a 5 gallon bucket you find at hardware stores. Places like Panera, Jimmy Johns, Jasons deli will have pickle buckets. Just a perfect size for what I wanted. I was just looking at this article the other day that details how to make this type of washing machine.

I have a bunch of friends who have variations on the apartment washing machine that hooks up to a kitchen sink faucet. I have used this and this in an apartment before.

Washing Machines That Hook Up To Your Kitchen Sink

If I were doing it again, I'd get a little pod washer, but I still use the spin dryer because it's so awesome! I have the pod and spin dryer and used them for a long time.

I often wondered if the plunger and a 5 gallon bucket would have been the better route though. The ultimate downfall though was that they wouldn't get my brother's dog's hair out of my clothes and I had to lint roll them when they were dry. I've got a Miele one in my bathroom, it takes water from beneath the bathroom sink and exhausts into the bathtub drain.

Not the most efficient system, but it works for tiny living spaces. Dryer exhaust makes the room intensely hot and wet, so leave a window open or be prepared for mold. They seem to be pretty common in Europe.

The one my brother in law had was pretty small, only a couple of items at a time so no weekly load, just wash as you go and hang to dry.

Used it for about a year and a half and only stopped when I moved someplace with hookups and got full sized. If you do go the hand washing route then you can try using a salad spinner. What size is the bucket? It looked exactly like a regular washer only a bit smaller. I'm just not sure how well those work.

It was kept in the bathroom and the cloths were hung there. The toilet was in a separate "water closet". I would rather pay money in the silly coin machines than hand wash clothes in the bathtub. It's just not worth the time and work in my opinion. And my socks never feel clean enough. They feel kind of damp and gross. If you do go the hand washing route then you can try using a salad spinner. They do make washers that hook up to the sink.

They are really expensive though and there are not a lot of here. I've never seen a front load. You can find them at Sears. Try looking for a used appliance store for a better deal.

Washing Machines That Hook Up To Your Kitchen Sink

Can you move to a different apartment with washer dryer hookups? Also, washers and dryers take up so much space and it's nice to have the closet to put them in.

How to Keep up with your Leads and Prospects August 16, It was kept in the bathroom and the cloths were hung there. Have you had any drain backup issues? If you do not follow Reddit's rules for self promotion and spamyour post will be removed.

And one last thought. I've always wondered if it's possible to do laundry in the dishwasher without damaging anything. I saw someone do it on tv once. If you have a dishwasher then maybe it's something to look into. I did some research on these a while back. This type of appliance is not very popular here in the states. They ARE, however, popular in countries with a lot of smaller, older like s and earlier homes like the UK, or high density housing.

They work well, but take a long time, mostly because you can only run one load, start to end, at a time. They're typically front loaders and have a "ventless" system that condenses the moisture inside the machine you will Washing Machines That Hook Up To Your Kitchen Sink to empty this periodically. It's important to put a tray under your appliance, because of it leaks, it'll be everywhere. Ultimately, if it's worth it to you to be able to forget your laundry overnight, maybe this will work for you!

Just leaving it overnight isn't an advantage of having a washer and dryer in home. You can throw all your stuff in there and continue doing other chores around the house meanwhile rather than sitting in a laundromat somewhere waiting on your clothes to finish. Honestly, I would never leave my clothes in the washer longer than 30 minutes, much less overnight, since it makes it smell like death but to each their own.

I used to live in a place where I couldn't leave my clothes for 2 min, let alone 20, without someone coming along and removing them. Just a personal pet peeve about strangers touching my clean laundry. While a stint in the washer for more than 24 hours will necessitate a rewash, it's my privilege and relief! Also, if your washer makes your laundry smell after so short a time, you may click to look into it.

I've found both front loading and top loading machines can get Interesting after a while Check out the laundry pod.