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13 Feb So we each asked our husbands, two professional and educated men over 40 who have never met, what they thought made a woman of a certain age sexy to them. And you know what? They came up with very similar answers. *Here are 10 ways to look sexy over 1) She wears form fitting clothing. 13 Oct They always say that being a woman is never easy, and probably this is true because throughout your whole life, you are always expected to make good choices, an. Fashion Ideas For Women Over 40 - Fashion Trends - womens plus clothing, large womens clothing, womens petite clothing Supernatural Style LOLO Moda : Little Black Dress with Jeans Jacket Stylish women outfits by hookuptime.info ~ love the style, maybe I could buy a black dress to wear with my leather jacket. Find this.

Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40

But the older I get, the less I know what that means to me…and to him. That was the Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40 of a recent conversation I had with a close friend. After spending some time speculating about skirt length, heel heights and necklines, we decided it best to just go straight to the source.

Not tight, but fitted enough to show off her figure, her feminine curves. Hiding behind baggy, draping clothes is not sexy. She focuses on one special physical attribute at a time. She always wears shoes she can walk in, or even click to see more in if she has to.

Black eye makeup, goopy, messy lipstick and too much foundation can easily end up on his clothes and that is definitely not sexy. Her hair is touchable, not stiff and full of gel and hair spray.

A fitted, but not tight, T-shirt is much sexier than a blouse with a plunging neckline. The T-shirt leaves a little to the imagination. Of course, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. And being sexy is much Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40 than a great fitting pair of jeans and feminine heels you can run in. Being confident, elegant, well-spoken, kind and funny are what both men agree really makes a woman of any age sexy.

Interesting enough to share but certainly not representative of all men…or women. Your men have class and taste. So agree with everything you wrote in this post.

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Trying to hard, really at any age, as Kate said above, is just tacky, and not sexy at all. I actually just showed this post to my husband and he whole-heartedly agreed with all you said. Things left to the imagination, in clothing, and other things as well, are by far sexier than anything blatant. In both women, and men, I would add.

As a fellow 45 year old, I approve! I enjoyed reading your post.

I had a similar talk with my husband recently as I have just turned He mentioned similar things. Thank you for the post! I would have to say a nice set of matching underwear. I know when I was single I had beautiful lingerie, a different set for every day in a range of colours. My goal for is to sexy up my lingerie. I agree, too much flesh is both tacky and desperate.

It may get attention initially, but there needs to be something else to sustain it.

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I think that some people simply have sexy personalities. But shiny hair and a smile are achievable for most of us!

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These were great answers for any woman to hear! Quirkiness is appealing to me in all people. Great post, I agree with all points and I know my husband would too. I take my que from his comments. Adrienne, I would agree with all of these! Kate I do think these 10 things apply to any age, and either gender, too! Kathy I agree that many of these things apply to men as well as women.

I think I will do a follow up post devoted to what we women think is sexy in a man over 40 — should be interesting! Ercuan Bill likes me better natural — even with zero makeup. Kathy I never saw that movie! I will Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40 to. I love Annette Benning. Fashion art and other fancies Yes! And I did mention that in the last paragraph.

Confidence, above all, is the most alluring! In my 20s and 30s it was easy but as I age, I feel like I walk a fine line between tastefully sexy and inappropriate. Nice undergarments are so important — not just for our mates to see but for us to feel sexy too. I have no problem spending on lovely European bras and sexy Hanky Panky panties. They are worth it! Sulky Kitten Some people do have that sex appeal naturally…born with it maybe?

Desperate is not a signal any man or woman wants to give off and showing too much skin, looking like it takes an eternity to get yourself together, well that is just a turn Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40, at least it is to me and my husband.

But I am certain there are lots of men out there and women too who find revealing outfits a big turn on! I think certain quirkiness is definitely sexy — reminds me of Zoe Deschanel who I think is quirkily sexy.

Pearls How I Wear My: I agree, too much flesh is both tacky and desperate. A navy mascara makes the whites of your eyes, pop! He mentioned similar things.

Marie a la Mode I agree! That is the most important one of all! I never noticed it before until just now. I see paparazzi photos of her in a pair of jeans and T-shirt, taking her kids to school and she looks more sexy that way than she does in the photo that I posted. Loris Glassworks Me too, Lori! And most of the time he is right! Except about the cropped pants — I like them! But generally, I agree with you.

I agree — I actually mentioned that being funny is sexy but also not taking oneself too seriously is very alluring in both men and women. So important to have a mate who is fun! Faux Fuchsia I hope you do ask old Mr. I would love to hear his take on sexy after 40! Vannessa Luxuria I agree, Van.

And I did add that to the list 4. I this web page try to look effortlessly put together…which coincidently takes a lot of effort to do! Suzanne Carillo Style Files I am sure there are millions of different opinions about what sexy is after 40 for men and for women. Confidence, above all else, is the most alluring quality. These all seem like the kind of thing I would expect most men who have women in their lives that are over 40… if e were to ask younger men I wonedr what they might say!

I think ladies in their 20s and 30s should follow this advice too. I love you, my dear! I think your husbands are two very smart men! And most of this, men can also follow. I know few men who like their mates rail thin…and same goes for men. You asked two very experienced and classy Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40 I agree with their answers.

Being sexy over 40 has a lot to do with experience, being confident and having style. Always keep some mystery.

Sexy Clothes For Women Over 40

I think you showed a lot of wisdom here and I am so glad I do not have to look for dresses revealing the side of my girls!! Great post, I certainly hope to look as fabulous as you do when I am I agree with all of these things, sophisticated and effortless is the way to go.

I try hard to be be defined by what men consider sexy and not to spend a whole lot of time thinking about what men prescribe for women.

So important to have a mate who is fun! Ercuan Bill likes me better natural — even with zero makeup. I love Annette Benning.

Men in France would forst say confidence, beautiful lingerie and classic colors, dressed upor down, are timeless. Thank you for sharing. I got lots of ideas from the article as well as the comments. I would like to add also that your points above could also be a way we could apply to growing old gracefully when we will be beyond 40s. God bless all women out there. Where do you shop for the NON-Grandma clothing at this age?

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