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This is Why Men Always Seem to Come Back When You Ignore Them

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Im an aries /taurus cusp and I've been seeing an Leo man, our relationship is in its early stages I met him through a friend but we have not met face to He knows I hate being ignored, at first the relationship was rocky because he ignored me alot saying he was busy which he is but that was no excuse not. I've been acquainted with this Leo guy for about 2 yrs. A few weeks ago we ran into Yeah, I'm a Leo. We have trouble ending relationships with people so we either withdraw or just ignore them. I think if a Leo man (or any man, really) wants you, he will be on you like white on rice. If a man did to me. Leos have high standards and hate being ignored. Leos are prone to being heartbroken because when they . If you persist in trying to correct a Leo man, claws may be bared and manes fluffed – try mild flattery and subtle hints, rather than an outright contradiction. The gloved hand and a gentle touch work much better.

Tapatalk is temporarily disabled. A server update is running and unfortunately, Tapatalk causes the server to crash when this particular update is running. Once the update is complete Tapatalk will be re-enabled. Jan 23, 1. I've been acquainted with this Leo guy for about 2 yrs. A few weeks ago we ran into each other, which happens a few times a week or at least once a week, he finally made a move to exchange numbers and I obliged.

So we started chatting and he let it known early that he wants more than friendship. I let him know we could get to know each other. So we start making plans to see each other around our schedules and this is where things start getting sketchy.

The three times we made plans something always happens and I feel stood up. The first time I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I know he works a lot. The second time I was pissed and let him know and he was apologizing profusely saying how much he needs me in his life and he'll give me a key to his place so ill know where to find him because if he isn't working he is sleep, blah blah. I told him its not about knowing where he is, but if he tells me I'm gonna see him I wanna see him when he says I will and I'm not wasting anymore of my time making plans with him.

After a few days of not speaking and my head cooling, I felt like I may have been a little harsh and I was missing our conversation so I initiated contact again.

We talked thoroughly about time and making plans and he seemed to overstand where I was coming from and this lead to him making plans to see me again. You can guess what happened So now I'm giving him the silent treatment. This was last night we were supposed to meet up, he wanted me to call him when I got home from work, i did and no answer.

Now he is texting me this morning like nothing and I refuse to respond. Is this typical behavior for Leos. I'm a Libra and never dealt When You Ignore A Leo Man one before. Has anyone been through a similar When You Ignore A Leo Man

I have finally accepted that I didn't do anything wrong to be ignored like this. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. Jan 23, 5. I've been a round a few and it just seems like they get along as friends, but not much else. Yes he is stringing you along and he has a girlfriend.

What's with this game they play? Jan 23, 2.

Leo men ain't shit. Charge it to the game. Jan 23, 3. Yeah, I'm a Leo. We have trouble ending relationships with people so we either withdraw or just ignore them. Jan 23, 4. Nevermind his sign, this dude sounds like a real piece of work! Usually they love the chase and can get all sorts of sappy. I've had poems, songs, and portraits created for me by men under this sign so I don't know what this is about.

Sounds like some ish a Scorpio would do He doesn't seem that into you despite what he says which is pathetic because all he had to do was say so, but the fact that the second time you had to call him Jan 23, 5.

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Lol yo let me tell you about Leo men. They will chase you till they get When You Ignore A Leo Man then once you think shit is going good they start getting unsure about anything and everything. That's what's probably going on. He likes you but is not sure if he wants to go through with dating you. Jan 23, 6. Girl the same thing is going on with me with a Leo man too. Jan 23, 7.

I had to look at the screen name to make sure Click at this page didn't write this! I'm going through the same ish with a Leo man, we made plans on 3 different occasions and every single time I felt stood up. At this point I only entertain his conversation if I'm bored, I know what to expect. I think if you continue messing with him, you'll get more of the same. He's shown you what he's about Charge this one to the game.

Jan 23, 8. My husband is a Leo. When we were dating, he would work all day, and then come pick me up when I When You Ignore A Leo Man off work at 2a. I think if a Leo man or any man, really wants you, he will be on you like white on rice.

If a man did to me what your Leo has done, I wouldn't contact him again. If he contacted me, I would be friendly and unconcerned. He would have to make some serious grand gesture in order to get me to go out with him, but I would play it like I didn't care one way or another. It's probably for the best anyway. I can't stand a flakey man! Jan 23, 9. Jan 23, Just got my heart broken for the second time by a Leo because of something similar to your situation.

Oh and I'm a Libra too. Dude isn't a typical Leo.

When You Ignore A Leo Man

We will tell you to get the hell on and not think twice. We don't do these ballheaded games. Leo men got hoes in all the area codes Lemme tell you when the want they all over you His actions are over shadowing his words.

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Sister, you don't need our When You Ignore A Leo Man although we give good advice The moment you stop seeking the why and just do what needs to be done the quicker you'll meet the right dude.

Thas my counselor advice for the day Yes he is stringing you along and he has a girlfriend. They don't end relationships Signs aside if a man wants to see you he will. I don't care how hectic his schedule is. Leo's are very picky the get over people quick could be whats happening but it just sounds like this has nothing to do with his sign if a man is not interested he wont show interest there are no cat and mouse games you are just not a priority in his life right now.

More than likely someone else is monopolizing his time. OP, u haven't captured his attention A Leo did the same thing to me. He pursued me, asked for my number, would make plans but never followed through.

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It happened to me twice and I deleted his number. He was the one that was more interested in me, I have no idea why he acted like that. Thanks everyone for the comments and support. Dude didnt break my heart, he didnt have that.

When You Ignore A Leo Man

He only had my attention, which don't come cheap so its more of a frustration that i was willing and he screwed it up which didn't make sense to me since supposedly he has been crushing for two years. He tried When You Ignore A Leo Man while ago to talk to me and he said I told him I don't have a man and don't want source so he didnt pursue because he was afraid I would break his heart.

Its hard to explain our past interactions. It's been everything from being a customer at a store he owns to running into him to and from work or shopping because my job and his are in the same area. We've ran into each other at a bar and he bought me drinks and we chatted. I just cussed him out. He was pleading with me through text but I went all the way IN with all the possibilities of why he ain't crap.

How to attract the Leo Woman. The three times we made plans something always happens and I feel stood up. I'm an aqua, and I attempted that with my leo ex when we first broke up. Her bed is important - she will have the best she can get.

He still replied saying I'm wrong about him. But whatever, I'm free of it and definitely have options to explore his loss. I just really also saw it as an opportunity to test out the wonderful Leo Libra combo I always read is so great together. That and our interaction when it was good had me wondering since I never experienced the match up before maybe he could be the one. Crazy how he he is maintaining his innocence. I will not budge though.

Funny thing is I haven't run into him since we have been talking. Oh and another thing. I've done a tarot spread with a trusted source each time this sort of thing happened and I kept getting cards indicating new relationship, new love, partnership, two of cups, page of cups, king of cups.