How To Do Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend. Better Than Craigslist Hookup!

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How to Kiss Your Boyfriend for the First Time (Middle School Girls)

Practice good oral and personal hygiene. If you want to make yourself as kissable as possible, be sure your breath is fresh and that you don't have any body odor. It's also helpful to apply an unflavored lip balm for soft lips. Brush your teeth and tongue twice a day to keep your mouth ready for kissing. Always wear deodorant. Focus on the kiss, not what he is thinking, or else you won't want to kiss again thinking that you failed miserably, or that he didn't like kissing you. Make sure he wants a kiss, if he doesn't none of these steps will work, creating a very awkward situation; Don't use your tongue for this kiss. Remember that this kiss is going to be. 28 Oct It would ruin a first kiss and be sloppy. The idea is to press your lips up against your partner's but not too much. Make sure your position is comfortable too, so you're not in pain while kissing. Another good way to kiss your partner is to start by kissing him or her softly on the cheek—then when when he or she.

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How To Do Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend

Featured Articles Kissing Youth. Make sure you have a fresh breath. Fresh breath is important for kissing because you want to give the boy as many excuses as possible to keep on kissing you.

Try using lifesavers or mints and always brush your teeth before you meet up with him. Remember, bad breath isn't the end of the world but avoid it if you can. Try not to eat strong, spicy, or garlicky food before you see him. Again, if you can't avoid it, it's not a huge deal but it's better to avoid it altogether. Make sure you're looking good.

You can't always plan when and where you'll kiss a boy, but you can try to be prepared. If you're dressed pretty and in a way you feel comfortable, you'll have a spring in your step. That means you will be more confident. More confidence means that there's a bigger chance the boy comes back to kiss you again. Don't necessarily wear lip-gloss, and don't wear heavy lipstick. Lip-gloss and lipstick, especially, will rub off on your partner, making him look sparkly or sloppy, depending on the situation.

Stick with lip balm instead. Don't wear a bunch of accessories like hats, or wear your hair so that it gets in the way. Boys like natural beauty anyway. You may want to try kissing the boy when you have your hair up, so that he focuses only on you and the kiss, not the hair tickling his face. Find a nice place to kiss. Public places are generally not so good for the first kiss, as you can get people staring at you or even heckling you.

Try to find a place that's public, but still intimate, for you to share your first kiss. Try doing something to break the touch the jitters away by flirting physically. This will not only make him understand that you like him, but will also give him some time to adjust to you, so that you're not going from 0 to in a second.

How to Kiss Someone for the First Time

Hold his hand or put your arms over his shoulders. Start moving your body so that he's much closer to you; it'll be awkward if you have to move a long way to kiss him. Touch his hair or face to make him know that you are interested. Gently touch his nose with your pointer finger and smile at him. You can even try hugging him first, and while you're still hugging him, lean back and go in for the kiss. This creates a connection from the very moment you hug. Make sure that you both are ready for the kiss.

This means both physically and emotionally. Kissing says "I like you more than just a friend," and it's sometimes hard to save a friendship after you have a relationship. If you're not sure whether you're doing the right thing, wait until you absolutely know. Look at him in the eye. While he's watching you, look slowly towards his lips and back again. If he does the same to you, then he's ready. If he looks a bit uncomfortable and looks away, it's best to leave it for a while.

How To French Kiss!

Move your lips towards him slowly, closing your eyes at the last second. You need to be able to see so that you can aim for his lips, but you don't want to keep your eyes open while you kiss, so close them right before your lips lock.

Keep your eyes closed during the whole kiss. When the kiss ends, you can open your eyes and you gently pull away. Move into the kiss at an angle. That means if his face is straight up read article down, you probably want yours tilted a bit to the left or right — whichever is more comfortable.

This helps keep you from bumping noses together when you kiss. Use mostly your lower lip for kissing. Don't pucker up your lips like you've just had a bunch of Sour Patch Kids, or like you're kissing grandma. Keeps your lips loose and try to relax. Give him one long kiss.

Your big goal is to get him to come back for seconds. Slowly lean your face closer to his. You'll want to keep as much focus on the other person as possible. Don't just go for it, he may be confused, scared or uncomfortable.

Here don't have to do anything fancy to get his attention the first time. Your big goal is to get him to come back for seconds. Give him just enough so that he's interested, not so much check this out he's bored.

Try to keep the first kiss to under 20 seconds if you can. Breathe in and out gently through your nose. Try not to breathe into his throat or onto his lips. Don't French kiss on the first kiss. The French kiss is an advanced kiss, so http://hookuptime.info/lef/natural-remedies-to-get-rid-of-pimples.php it for when you really want to blow his mind.

While you're kissing, try to go for a gentle open-lip kiss. This just means opening your lips a bit and maybe kissing his lower lip with both of your lips. Don't make it last too long — about 5 seconds — and be prepared to pull away soon. During the kiss, put your hands around his back and lean towards him. That way, you can get double the bargain! If he puts his hands around your back or waist, How To Do Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend means he's very protective of you and you could be onto a winner!

If he plays with your hair or gently strokes your cheek, it's a sign that he's very in-touch with his feeling, and he definitely likes you. Remember to try to keep your eyes closed the whole time.

Your attention should be entirely on his lips and the kiss. As you move away from the kiss, open your eyes. Now would be the time to take a look at the boy you've just shared a kiss with.

You will both have to look at each other's actions before you kiss him. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash. If you truly love them it doesn't matter if they are a good kisser or not.

If you did a good job, he'll be flushed, heavy-eyed, and smiling. Smile back at him. He may be nervous about how he kissed, so you'll probably want to convince him that he did a good job. You can do this by smiling. If you arms are still around him, leave them there for a few seconds before taking them away. It might feel weird if you suddenly take your hands away as soon as the kiss is done.

Say something nice about him, if you feel like it. Sometimes, the kiss itself is enough of a statement. Sometimes, you'll want to say a little something after the kiss, like: Listen to what your heart tells you. So, you've finally kissed the boy that you've been dying to kiss for the last six months. You have several options: Wait for him to make the next move. If you went in for the first kiss, maybe you think it's his turn to initiate the next kiss. Be yourself, do what you normally do, but be friendly and encouraging around him.

He should try to kiss you again. Kiss him whenever you want to.

How To Do Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend

Maybe you don't care that much about who kisses whom, as long as there's kissing. That's fine, just make sure that he's into it, too. Kissing him often is likely to lead to a relationship. Break off the kissing. Maybe he wasn't that good of a kisser, or he touched you in the wrong place, or you just get a bad feel from him. Try to still be friendly around him, but don't put yourself in situations i.