101 Ways To Show Love Without Doing It. Cute Headlines For Dating Sites!

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101 Ways To Love Without Sex

Important Reference Material: “ Ways to Make Love Without Doin’ It” | Diet Coke-Babies

Ways to Make Love Without Doin' It® - Abstinence Ed - ETR health lesson plans & curricula, STD pamphlets and promotion material for K & health centers. WAYS to show you love somebody. (without having sex). 1. Tell the other person that you love them. 2. Give or get a hug. 3. Make sure the other person feels important and respected. 4. Kiss when people are looking. 5. Kiss when people aren't looking. 6. Tell the other person that you care. 7. Hold hands. 8. Go for a. ways to show someone that you love them other than having sex. 1. Give them your last rolo. 2. Say 'I love you'. 3. Go on a love boat. 4. Share a gingerbread man. 5. Tickle them. 6. Pick them a flower. 7. Send them a romantic txt. 8. Flirt. 9. Kiss when people aren't looking. Name a star after them. Take them to.

Couples who have been in a relationship for some time, often feel that they have run out of ideas to express their love for each other. If you feel the same way and want to bring the zing back into your love life, go through this list of a hundred and one ways to show your love.

Important Reference Material: “101 Ways to Make Love Without Doin’ It”

Skip to main content. Have a messenger deliver a bunch of flowers for your lover at work. Go for a walk in the park and hold hands.

Get the best-selling book ' Tell Me Honey Really listen to your partner when he or she talks of an interest, even if it may not concern you. Mouth the words "I love you" to your partner, across a room full of people.

Indulge a whim of his or hers, when there is no occasion to do so. Give your love a foot massage, after a long day at work. Admit that you made a mistake, when you actually make one. Offer to take the dog out, when you know your lover is tied down with work.


Look at your partner when he or she is speaking to you. Whisk your lover away for a waltz, if a romantic number is playing on the radio. Compliment her on her new hairstyle or him on his new set of golf clubs. Wish your partner luck, before an important day at work. Ask him or her to show you how to do something new.

Call your partner, if you are going to come home late. Surprise your lover with tickets, for a romantic cruise. Write a short poem expressing your love. Take the phone off the hook for an intimate evening.

Whip up a three-course meal for your lover. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Whisper that I love him. Rub his or her back after a particularly gruelling day.

Whip up a three-course meal for your lover. Go to a place of worship and pray together. Pursue a hobby together over the weekend. Stay close to your partner at a social event. Ask your lover what he or she would like to do before you get intimate.

Read out an interesting piece from the newspaper or magazine, to your partner. Ask his or her opinion on a matter that concerns the society at large. Take a shower together.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Go to a drive-in. Call her every night. Other museums are boring. Tell your partner to take a night off and hang out with friends.

Smile at your partner when your eyes meet, even if you have nothing to say. Go out on an unplanned date. Watch an old, romantic, classic movie together. Serve your lover breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning. Set the table for a candlelight dinner even if you are having pizza. Meet for lunch once in a source. Share sexual fantasies together.

Kiss him or her for no apparent reason. Try out a new restaurant or a new dish together. Offer to work out with your partner when he or she feels too lazy to go to the gym. Buy a present, however small, for your lover, even when there is no occasion.

Praise your partner in front of others. Compliment your lover on his or her choice of a restaurant. Tell your partner to take a night off and hang out with friends. Cheer lustily when your lover scores in a game. Compile a list of romantic quotations from the internet and mail it to your lover.

101 Ways To Show Love Without Doing It

Find a quiet moment and tell your partner what you like about him or her. Rub his or her back after a particularly gruelling day. Whisper in his or her ear that you love the new perfume. Try out or buy sexy lingerie to surprise your lover.

Play a word game together and let your lover win. Ask your partner about his or her dreams. If your lover seems upset, hold his or her hand. Do the weekend laundry without being told to.

Fly to Hawaii for a romantic weekend. Mail a joke or a funny video.

101 Ways To Show Love Without Doing It

Tell your lover that he or she looks more attractive with every passing day. Discuss your future together. Be ready with a cool drink when you can hear your partner returning from work on a hot day. Pick his or her favourite dessert on your way home. Send your lover a post card with a romantic message. Go read article your old photos together. Watch home videos that his or her family may have sent.

Be a secret admirer and invite your lover to a mystery date. Politely agree to differ, on controversial topics. Pull up the covers as he or she sleeps. Attend an art or photography course together.

Lend a hand, when you see your partner in the midst of some heavy work.


Plan a vacation together. Send him or her a hand-written letter on scented paper. Gift him or her a luxurious spa session. More info a hot air balloon ride together. Come up with silly nicknames for each other and use them only when you are alone. Customize a mug or a mouse pad with your picture for his or her desk.

Hike to the mountains and watch the sun coming up together. Leave a note or a lipstick kiss on the bathroom mirror. Recreate your first date. Take your partner home to meet your family. Hold your lover close and let your hearts beat together.