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1 Jan Dr. Love I have been dating a guy for seven years. We were both very serious, as were our parents, until we separated for a year on account of a personal reason. I recently found out that he is marrying someone else. He called to tell me that he's still in love with me, but can't marry me. This depressed me. 1 May You get the idea. The year was A Nickleback single was topping the charts that summer, so you already know it was a terrible time. I was working in the sales department of the local paper which was, believe it or not, even more depressing than it sounds. I am not a salesperson. I hate bothering. 8 Sep I believed she would love me for the rest of her life, as I will love her for the rest of mine. But that wasn't -- isn't -- the case. So I closed the door on a love affair that changed my life and taught me more than anything else ever could. When you see the person you love fall in love with someone else, it breaks.

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You thought that you were imagining things, being insecure in thinking your spouse had someone else. When you asked questions, the answers seemed a little too slick and too rehearsed.

Finally, you made the discovery that your spouse did have someone else. Your spouse is having an affair. Maybe you checked the cell phone bill, read emails, found a note or letter in a pocket or purse, or, even worse, someone saw them and told you about it.

When you confronted, denial reigned.

The Love Of My Life Is Married To Someone Else

He or she is in love with the other person. Cooperate and they will make things easy for you. Refuse to cooperate and you will find yourself in a bloody legal battle. Maybe your spouse cajoled, or threatened, in a concerted effort to keep you from telling anyone what was happening. He or she did everything possible to keep you from going to your The Love Of My Life Is Married To Someone Else leaders, their boss, your family, your in-laws, and maybe even your best friend.

Secrecy helped them, not you, but because you thought there might be a chance to keep him or her calm and possibly stop this nightmare, you allowed yourself to be manipulated.

Maybe your abandoning spouse had a period of hesitation. He or she tried to end the affair, and told read article that they were willing to work on the marriage. Maybe the paramour found a way to get to him or her, rekindled the passion and convinced your spouse that he or she will never be happy without them.

If your spouse went back to the affair the second time, it seemed to have much more power over them than in the beginning. By the time you broke your silence, things had evolved to an almost impossible situation. Your church leaders tried, but had no success in righting the wrong behavior of your spouse.

They found themselves listening to how terrible it is to be married to you, or how hypocritical they were to tell someone else to do right. They might even have heard the startling news that God Himself sent the lover and that He wants them to be together. Or, they might have heard that your spouse no longer believes what they once believed, so the church folks may as well go bother someone who buys into their malarkey.

The fact is that even in these situations a possibility exists that the marriage can be saved and, with time, made good again. My faith in God tells me through His power anything can be done. My faith in people has been strengthened by experiencing God intervening in lives even when a person wanted God to leave him or her alone to do what they wanted to do.

The Love Of My Life Is Married To Someone Else

A straying partner who has convinced him- herself that life will be wonderful with the new person seldom decides that before he or she leaves they should take one more run at saving the marriage. One couple remarried after being divorced ten years! There are marriages that are doomed and no matter what happens, it will end and never be healed.

Yes, that advice is sound when there is no hope. Yet I saw it work out. For example, recently a couple came through our weekend intensive workshop for marriages in crisis that shared a remarkable story.

Though highly involved in their church, she had gotten too close to another member and that had gradually led to adultery.

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Neither meant for it to happen. No one went looking for that kind of relationship. By the time they realized they were on the wrong path, they were so enmeshed with each other that they were convinced that the best thing for everyone — spouses, children, church — was to divorce their spouses and marry each other. The night she told her husband her plans, the emotion was so intense that soon she was in a deep sleep.

He interpreted that as her not caring.

The real cause of her deep slumber was the depth of her emotional state. Nevertheless, he spent the rest of the night praying over her sleeping body. He prayed The Love Of My Life Is Married To Someone Else God would convict her heart; that He would somehow reduce or remove the emotions she had for the other man.

The next morning she awakened with the realization that she wanted to save her marriage and wanted very much to get past the feelings she had for her lover. Shortly thereafter they were in our workshop to learn how it happened, how to heal it, and how to grow in love like they never had before. More often the abandoned spouse prays and prays but the abandoning spouse reacts callously.

They seek any counsel, from Christians or otherwise, that empathizes with their position and gives any encouragement whatsoever. So is doing the right things. If your spouse has told you that he or she is in love with someone else, I suggest you do the following things. Good people sometimes do really stupid things.

However, if at heart they are good people, they are worth rescuing. Or, if he or she is a good person involved in a bad situation, you can fight to save your marriage. Our experience is that if a good person gets straightened out, not only can the marriage be saved, but it can be stronger and more loving than it was before. If you decide to try to save your marriage, immediately stop allowing your spouse to manipulate you in any way. Slow things down and drag things out even if it makes them angry.

Time is on your side, especially if you continually pray for God to intercede and bring trials and tribulations into the sinful relationship. At the same time, do not cling, beg, whine, plead, or manipulate.

I saw love of my life marry someone else

It makes you less attractive and intensifies whatever justification he or she has mentally made that allows leaving you. When a person believes that you are there no matter what they do, they have no compulsion to do right. When they see that you can live happily without them, you become more attractive. Take care of yourself physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Your life will not end if your marriage ends.

In the four years we dated, he never told his parents about me. I know what to do, but I dont know how to do it. After returning back,I click a job in the same company as him…I was so excited because. A month ago he told me he is in love with someone else that he met less than three months ago and no longer wants to be with me.

God will still be in heaven. He will still love you. Read more people in your life who care about you will still care about you. No matter how much you love your spouse, life can go on and be good if he or she leaves you.

The time to take care of you is NOT after the chaos has ended. You must do it now. It benefits your family. And, believe it or not, it often helps bring the spouse back, though you cannot do it for only that reason. When you are sure that your spouse is involved in something, or with someone, that is wrong, arrange a group to do an intervention. There are time-tested and proven ways to do interventions. You cannot be part of the actual intervention, so pick people that he or she respects or cares about.

If your children are old enough, add them to the group; they make great interveners. Share this link with everyone who will help in the intervention. Make an offer of some benefit that will come to your straying spouse if he or she agrees to try at least one thing to save the marriage.

Pray for wisdom as to what may motivate your spouse. People have come to our workshop to salve their consciences, to get their church leaders off their backs, to make the children happy, to get a better deal in the divorce, and more. Are those good reasons to come? Any reason is a good reason because for over a decade our success record is three out of four couples, even for those who did not want to be there and for those who came while The Love Of My Life Is Married To Someone Else in love with someone else.

Whether you use our services, a counselor full of faith, a minister, or any other help, do something. If you have a desire to save your marriage, act. Sitting alone while having a pity party does nothing good for you or anyone else. You cannot make your spouse do right, but you can make yourself get out of the dumps and back on The Love Of My Life Is Married To Someone Else road of faith continue reading the God who speaks universes into existence.

He will not abandon you, even if your spouse does. We see miracles every month. If you wish to save your marriage, wish to heal, and wish to help your spouse more info, please call us toll free at or complete the form below for more information. We care and we wish to help. Our success rate over the last decade is three out of four marriages saved, even when adultery, porn, anger, or other things have deeply hurt the relationship!

Click the banner below to find out more about it. She said that she is in love with another man, I do not accept this since we married each other and our vows were forever till death do us part. Today she spoke to a divorce lawyer on how to proceed with it. Please help us with your prayers and God bless you all. We will definitely keep you both in our prayers.

He can give you more information about our highly effective programs we have to help you save your marriage. Gustavo I am sorry for your pain and hurt.

I hung out with this friend until I realized that she was subconsciously placing me as the other women and herself as the victim whenever she saw me. If keeping those things around impedes that then toss it out. His parents seem to love her, and she was in grad school. I am reminded that in any case he here.

This thing we call marriage can be so painful and hurt so much at the end. It was never meant to be this way yet for so many it ends bad. I will say a prayer for you and your wife tonight and my god give you the strength to weather through the storm.

My wife has recently left me after 13 years and the hurt, pain and love I have for her is never ending. Please turn to the bible and try and get help and assistance during this time of stress. Please pray for my relationship to last. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now and 5 months ago he send a message to another girl to tell her that he loves her.