Perks Of Dating A Band Geek. Marital Hookup!

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12 Things Only Band Geeks Understand

2. The attempt they give to teach you how to read music

13 «Perks of dating a band geek - ❤ hookuptime.info?dt&keyword=perks +of+dating+a+band+geek&source=yandex ❤ Perks of dating a band geek Retrieved September 20, Retrieved March 12, Plz help me out. Lerman had initially been signed to appear in three Percy Jackson films. lol i'm a band geek too. ]Band geeks are usually put into smarter classes because in band they combine rhythm &math. 9.]Since when do band geeks do anything wrong? 8.]A lot of them have friendships for LIFE. Usually, no drama:] 7. ]Lots of them are shy &sweet, &they would do anything for you. 6. See also: band nerd and band dork. If things in the band room get boring, a band geek tends to mess around with the band director's van or car. Known to date other "band geeks," roll their feet outside of band, generally have random and/or strange thought processes, are generally some of the coolest and most.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. What are the top 10 reasons to date a Band Geek? I need 10 really good reasons to date a band geek for a guy. Plz help me out. I am a Big Band Geek so anything can go.

I play the Alto and Tenor saxophone. This is so I can give my boyfriend this who isn't in band. Sorry for the mix up. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I mean come on, we're band geeks. They probably have some deeper intellectuality that makes them more sensitive: D good luck if you decide to date a band geek: They're good with they hands 3. Most of click here time cute 6. Good with close groups band Perks Of Dating A Band Geek usually a pretty tight group 7.

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Good with their mouth 8. Can't think of anything. Gotta love the music guys. Many of my guy friends are band geeks. They're all fairly good-looking guys with killer personalities. They don't have a problem with wearing those dorky band uniforms.

Perks Of Dating A Band Geek

You get to go on band trips with them. My school's going to Italy next year! They love going to concerts, and like good music. Most of them are also honors students. A lot of them also letter in a sport They'll grow up to be awesome, mature, wonderful men. Just based on my experiences with band guys. Join the band 3.

Play an instrument 4. Hang out with him 6. Talk to his friends and not just him 7. Make a study date with him 8. Or take him out 9. Get straight A's on your report card Whatever you can to make him like you! You have feelings for him.

Perks Of Dating A Band Geek

You have something in common. Whatever you think of him. You think he's cute. You want to date him. They don't really care what other people think of them 4 5 6 7 8 9 10??

You know You're a Band Geek When...

Band geeks are sex freaks. Give band geeks a band competition a different state and a hotel and youve got freaks. HS student not in band but hear alot about horny band kids.

One, because they literally dedicate their lives to the safety and common good of the general public, and, two, because I'm cute as hell and me going out on a date with that kind of man would be a service to them. In others, he looked like a divorced man with a cubicle job that hates his life. You give up every Friday night for the fall semester, and for what? Here are a dozen reasons to put your plume on, lace up your roll-steppin' shoes and hit the field.

You want to be poor the rest of your life 2. You want to live in his parents basement 3. You want to drink a lot, especially during the week 5. You want to hear the same stories over and over about how close they are to "making it big. Related Questions What are 10 reasons to date a male band geek?

Reasons to date a band geek? What are 10 reasons to date a guy band geek? What are your top 10 reasons to date a metal head? Answer Questions What is a perfect date like?

Play an instrument 4. Here are 17 signs you are that individual:. Get straight A's on your report card You want to hear the same stories over and over about how close they are to "making it big. Years of practicing embouchure has made you an excellent kisser.

I have a toy Mario stuck in my nose? What does gold and white mean?

18 Signs You're Dating A Nerd

If a man doesn't approach a woman he's attracted to, would you say that man is a coward? How to impress a girl? Anything wrong with a 26 year old dating a 44 year old man? Why do people do this so young? Should I have sex?