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Wrong Dating Is That Your Cousins Cousin

Can You Get Married To Your Cousins Cousin?

Is it weird to date your cousin's cousin? | Yahoo Answers

Firstly, he isn't even your cousin, so it's not weird genetically, you share no blood. In the UK it's legal to marry your first cousin, so really it's not gross at all. Sharing family members? Honestly it's not that big a deal. I knew a guy who's half brother married his step sister. Completely legal. Not related. But when. i think people misunderstood the relation you mean your like cousin's cousin on the other side, right? like if your her cousin on her moms side, and the one you want to date is her cousin on her dad's side, yeah? if so there's no problem cuz theres no relation. Im in my early twenties. i have always had the worst luck dating guys. i fell for the wrong guy of course he didnt feel the same way as i did etc. anyway, thats what brought me to online dating. i said eh why not give it a shot, my cousin met her husband online so why not try it out (not looking for marriage or.

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This sub is about helping people in need - If you are not providing such help i. Please report comments that you feel are in violation of these guidelines to keep discussions constructive. At any time mods may remove or refer posts to other subs as we deem appropriate, and our decisions are final. Is it wrong for me [24 F] to be dating my cousin's cousin [26 M]?

Find your perfect uni place go. If they're not a blood relative it's fine, and you probably won't have had the being brought up together issue either - I don't even know the names of my cousins' other cousins, so they're strangers to me. I guess I'm just afraid other people will judge or think we're gross or incestuous. Original post by nolhman wafty http://hookuptime.info/c/my-ex-is-dating-my-cousin.php That'd be really really bizarre

I have been dating Eric for two months now, after about a year of friendship. Things are going really well so far, he makes me happy and treats me well, but one thing is still bothering me Eric is a cousin of my cousin.

Dating Your Cousins Cousin Is That Wrong

My father's aunt my great aunt Julie married a man named Rob. Rob's sister has a son, and that son is Eric. Read article my great uncle and I are related by marriage.

So I'm not sure if that means I'm related to Rob's sister and therefore her son Eric as well. Rob's sister and Eric lived on the other side of the country my entire life, so we only met last year when they moved to the west coast. Eric and I were introduced, became friendly, started hanging out purely platonically and it developed into a relationship.

I'm happy but I can't stop this niggling feeling that it's wrong, gross, or weird. I did ask a few family members who assured me we aren't related, but I don't know. It kind of creeps me out that we share a cousin Rob and Julie's daughter, Marissa, is both my cousin and Eric's cousin. Or she's Eric's first cousin and my second cousin?

I don't really get how it works! We have no parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc in common, and like I said we grew up on separate coasts. But if we got married, we would surely share a few guests, and I think that's probably creepy.

But I don't want to throw away a good thing because I'm overreacting either. Eric tells me I'm being silly, and I've joked about Dating Your Cousins Cousin Is That Wrong once or twice with my family members who don't seem bothered I am dating my cousins cousin and would like to know if I'm a complete incestuous creep?? There is nothing wrong with that relationship. It is legal in all 50 states. Honestly, it just comes down to how you feel personally and if you can personally move past it.

Oh, yeah, I know it's legal. We aren't blood related whatsoever. If Rob and Julie had never got married we'd be complete strangers. But they did, so it feels like we're cousins in some way. I guess I'm just afraid other people will judge or think we're gross or incestuous. Funnily enough Rob has a brother with kids I've never met so I'm as related to them as I am to Eric and I don't consider them my cousins, because it's Rob's family, but this feels different somehow.

It's really not Dating Your Cousins Cousin Is That Wrong though. You love this person and you shouldn't be scared just because of what other people probably don't think anyway.

You didn't grow up knowing Eric.

kissing my cousin...

Bathing with Eric as young children or sharing bed time with him. You're both adults and you met. If you are truly so concerned, ask your family members in a serious manner, rather than jokingly, if you want to know how they REALLY feel.

Firstly, he isn't even your cousin, so it's not weird genetically, you share no blood. In the UK it's legal to marry your first cousin, so really it's not gross at all. Honestly it's not that big a deal.

I knew a guy who's half brother married his step sister. But when the mother of the bride is married to the father of the groom it all gets a bit confusing.

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Just means less presents you have to give at christmas? Did anyone else read the post?? You aren't blood related and share no common DNA. Don't break up with this guy. Where is this feeling coming from? You're not biologically related to your bf. None of your family think it's strange or inappropriate. The only problem I can see with it is if you and he have a huge falling out some family members might feel like they have to take side. My cousin John married a woman Gretchen who is a cousin of our cousin Dating Your Cousins Cousin Is That Wrong.

Sara and Gretchen share the same maiden name and are some distance of cousins first, second, I have no idea. So they are blood related. Sara's mom is John's sister, so again blood relations. But the convoluted web of tangled lines you have to weave to get from John to Gretchen in the extended family tree article source too far apart.

John and Sara are cousins on their mothers' side of the family. Sara and Gretchen are cousins on Sara's father's side of the family likely also through Gretchen's father, too. So, no, it's not weird or that unusual. If you're feeling grossed out, maybe you should reevaluate your feelings about the relationship as a whole to see if there's something else that's bothering you? Anyway, if all you want is to hear that it's weird and gross, I'm sure others will give you that.

But what do you want to hear? I would still see it as being related. You do technically share some family members. I don't think you're a creep but with all the people in the world I think you could choose somebody who doesn't share any of the same family members with you.

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Dating Your Cousins Cousin Is That Wrong

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