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Being a single mother and having a boyfriend who was once on the fence but no longer is, I say go for it. It can be a challenge since you are not the biological mother and I don't think he would ask you to fill that role but if you like him, I say purse the relationship. Good things could come out of it. If the mom is independent, then the boyfriend wouldn't need to be the father- figure, which can be a positive (or negative) depending on the person. I personally don't have a definite answer, although I would say that dating a single mom shouldn't be a problem as long as the both people can balance the. I'm a single mom and if you dont think you could date a single mom, please dont. I'm not saying that to be rude, I actually respect your honesty. Before I had my little girl I avoided single dads, I hated kids. still kinda do, except my angel of course. Men don't avoid single mothers, just some people aren't.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Look at this from the man's perspective when it comes to single mothers. This also covers using the failings of her baby's daddy as a constant barrage of ultimatums for leaving you.

She will not appreciate anything you do and will expect you to shut up and pay the bills. In several instances even arguing Dating A Single Mom Yahoo Answers front of kids is considered child endangerment and the cops are almost always going to believe that you are the aggressor and she is just trying to defend her kids.

Say good bye to your sex life and your sex drive. Sex and Love are two separate things. Put this "instinctual" stuff aside and look at it pragmatically, single mothers are the poorest option when it comes to dating especially if you aren't looking for marriage from the get go.

Apparently you have little to no respect for men as you do not even give them the benefit of the doubt for having at the very least common sense Some men may avoid dating single mothers because they do not want to have any children theirs or someone else's.

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Sorry to say but I think the opposite is true, we tend to avoid single moms. It depends on the situation with the single mom. There s a single mom in my math class at college. Having a kid doesnt make a person any different. What are the challenges you've faced besides the obvious - kids coming first etc.

The man may be significantly older than the woman and does not want to become involved in raising children again. His energy level for parenting is lower and his interests may lie elsewhere. Alternatively, younger men may avoid single moms because they do not think the responsibilities associated with becoming involved in a child's life; he may be too young to even be thinking about fatherhood.

In both cases the men are wise to stay away from single moms. They would be doing her and her children a disservice and setting her up for a painful split. They should be wrapped up in their children's lives but they should learn how to balance their time a little better if they want a man to hang around for more than a day or two.

Even if they're a good parent and a good person you still have to be compatible with both of them instead of just one, and the kid will always take top priority over your relationship more info as they should.

It can be too much, especially for a younger guy.

Should i date a single mother?

And that's a big if, no matter how you look at it, from a man's point of view, someone being a single mother will be a red flag that she might be selfish or irresponsible and you might conclude from the way she handled her ex that she's already screwed over one guy in terms of custody or child support. Why should you be next?

Is Dating a Single Mother Worth It?

Benefits Dating Single Mother. Your guess is probably one reason why this happens, but I think an even bigger one is men who avoid single mothers just don't have an interests in becoming a father.

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Or they never envisioned themselves being a father and so they avoid it entirely. I know men who have married single moms, and if I were a single mom, I would be very grateful and respectful because that is a lot to take on. Dealing with custody battles, and issues with kids that aren't yours or have issues resulting from a broken marriage or relationship.

Purity, marriage and commitment is important and divorce shouldn't be taken lightly. Unfortunately all our society does is promote dumb ideas about sex and marriage that will rot yours before its even begun.

Many men don't want to deal with the extra dimension of children. Time and babysitting becomes an issue.

I know men who have married single moms, and if I were a single mom, I would be very grateful and respectful because that is a lot to take on. Say good bye to your sex life and your sex drive. If the mother of the child is never going to be in the picture, then maybe it would be alright.

Alone time or sleepovers are an issue. The exes are often an issue. And, quite rightly, the child will always come before him in her life. It just takes a lot more planning and patience to date a single mom.

Dating A Single Mom Yahoo Answers

Some are up for it. Related Questions Should a man avoid dating single mothers? Do single men avoid dating single mothers? Why do men avoid single mothers? MEN would you date a single mum or avoid?

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Dating A Single Mom Yahoo Answers