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What Would You Do: Male soldier berated because of homosexuality

Wal-Mart's pro-gay policies may spark boycotts | hookuptime.info

7 Sep THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was in the mens room at Wal-Mart on 35th avenue and Bethany Home last night washing my face in the sink. When I turned around to grab a paper towel from the dispenser the janitor asked me “Did you get all that sperm cleaned off your face f**got?” I was outraged and went to a. Buy Swatch HOOKUP Chrono Mens Watch YVS at hookuptime.info 10 May Other payment methods scammers might ask for include Amazon gift cards, PayPal, reloadable cards like MoneyPak, Reloadit, or Vanilla, or by wiring money through .. Then told me that I needed to go to one of his list of stores Walmart, CVS or Walgreens and call him when I got into the store parking lot.

One thing we know about scammers — they want money, and they want it fast. They want to make it easy for themselves to get the money — and nearly impossible for you to get it back.

Or pose as a family member or online love interest who needs your help fast. Other payment methods scammers might ask for include Amazon gift cards, PayPal, reloadable cards like MoneyPak, Reloadit, or Vanilla, or by wiring money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram.

If you get targeted by a scam like this, report it to the FTC at ftc. Want to know more about avoiding scams? Read 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud. The deposited in my account and said to get these cards called in then the rest of the funds would be deposited?

So I received a call from area: Capital Bank Financial Corporation Same thing happened to me yesterday. Fell pray as i am new to US. I thot it is genuine call fromthen IRS and then Local police number. Is there any way,i can get my money back.

You could contact Apple Support at and ask them to disable the codes from the cards, if the codes haven't been used yet. If the codes have been used, you can't get your money back. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments. I Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart I just got scammed today. Here are the phone numbers.

Katherine at ext Then she verified and then transferred me to her bank manager at This is such a rip off. My 92 Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart old mother was scammed into buying itune cards. She thought it was her grandson calling from jail needing money to bail out.

He told her not to tell anyone.

Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart

This low-life called her back and had her give the codes to him. Not till 2 days later did she tell the family.

Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart

She now has a code word that we have givin' her so if someone phones and she's not sure who it is she's to ask for the code word I have reported to Local Sheriff. I am ambarrassed to have fell for this scam after age 81, but it was my "grandson" calling As soon as I asked if I could research and call back he said sure gave me a bogus number and hung up. Something happened to use but we lost I'm so embarrassed I can't believe that people will use the IRS to threaten people into giving them money.

Has anyone gotten their money back after reporting it to FTC? If you gave someone the code from an iTunes card and you think it was a scam, call Apple Support at right away you may have to spend some time on hold.

Tell them what happened and ask if they can disable the card. Also, go back to the store that sold you the card and talk with their customer service staff. And if you hear from someone who wants you to send an iTunes card, please tell the FTC. Please be warned I have scamers that contact me all the time 2 have stolen military men's identity,there Nigerian scars and soon ask for I tunes cards,my scamper came clean told me he could no longer do this he felt bad but his family needed food.

Some guy called me today and wanted another I was like go fly a kite. That is crazy I just got off the phone with supposed be the federal reserve bank and they want a gift Card to receive that they say is mine. I called one of the numbers back and it said Georgetown university. They have called me for the same thing but when I call back there number was located at Washington.

And I haven't bought any iTunes card yet so what should I do. Government offices will not tell you to use iTunes gift cards, or other gift cards. If someone says they are from the government, and they tell you to send iTunes cards, it's a scam. Or say you will get a grant if you send money. But if you put money on a card and share the click at this page with the scammer, that money is gone forever.

It's a group a foreign idiots pretending to be the government. Needless to say I never received any of the money and I'm a single mom struggling.

I was robbed I have 3 kids I told the scammer God will handle you and I am better than him! I was stupid I know but if it were not for trying to get my taxes done I may have thought about it more. A lot of pharmacies also have all types of gift cards including iTunes so that is where I went to get it because I go there all the time, they are my pharmacy, I felt they would be trustworthy because I was not going to do this online.

Well, fooled me; people that see me a lot; that take money from me for prescriptions, groceries, etc; people I trusted let me get the card and after it had been paid for told me about the scam and of course they were not allowed to give the money back even though the thief had not been given the codes or anything. I have called people and told Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart they should have signs in the stores because they are not Apple Stores but just put a general warning about it happening to all cards and people would stop and think.

Another thing is this, I am older, yes and I do not like it; I live on a pension, which comes from the government so probably any other old people that have been taken on this iTunes ride receive social security. I Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart if that is true then it is worse then just fraudulent activity of people but of the government.

They could have given me my money but their bosses tell them no, they are not allowed once they ring it up. Well, they could have told me while we were at the register and I could have stopped them; so people in these pharmacies and other little places know and they just do not care who gets robbed of their money.

I think this reaction is extreme as I tried to proactively alert the bank's FRAUD department of the goings on and gave them complete information the same day they scammed me. They could have given me my money but their bosses tell them no, they are not allowed once they ring it up. Educate rather than ridicule and maybe the next person to read this will be saved from the struggle my daughter suffered at the hands of these monsters.

I have not heard from the so called computer tech because I did not get the card online but went to the store instead. I thought I was being smarter that way; well, so much for that but he has not tried to contact me because he probably knows he got busted.


I believe the FBI should get in on this if for no other reason then a lot of money for these cards are coming from Seniors Pensions which is government money a lot; I am quite sure also welfare and that is illegal; stealing from the government. I still have this card and cannot get my money back for anything. I think there is more than one thief in this mess because all the places involved know.

I do not go to iTunes sites; I am almost 70 years old but here I am just to let people know and that I hope that the companies will, on their own put a warning at the kiosk at the stores; or the government should get involved. Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart other stores that are ripping off customers who are ill, and old and just want their computers to work right so they Army Gays Army Hookup Policy At Walmart finally get their taxes done do not deserve to lose their money.

This could have been avoided up to the time I was at the register before it was rung up and if they had just said, "you know there is a scam going around" or something to that effect I know I would not have paid for that card.

Shame on the thief, shame on Apple, and any other company that lets this go, shamed on the pharmacy for not telling me; shame on the head of the pharmacy for making their employees not tell people so that way they fear for their jobs, shame on everyone involved and shame on me for being stupid.

I'm sorry this happened to you. You could call Apple Support at to see if they can help you recover your money. Explain that you know the money is still on the card, becuase you didn't give the codes away.

You could also look online for the corporate headquarters of the store that sold you the card and contact someone in the headquarters to ask for a refund. You may want to contact someone in your area about the TV call for action linesor contact your local Better Business Bureau.

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T-ball06 - I just got scammed by some go here in Washington number they got me for I ad report this to the ttc but I'm surevim screwed no matter whom I put this claim into!!! I'm on socail security I needed a loan to pay some of my taxes but instead paid these scammers my fault for doing this but there should be a protection against this!!!

I'm sorry about your experience with the police. Please go to FTC. The information you give goes into a database that state and federal law enforcement nationwide use for their investigations. If you need some extra help with bills, you could go to benefitscheckup.

You can search for benefit programs in your area that might help pay for medicine, health care, food, utilities and more. You can also get help with tax relief, transportataion, legal issues or finding work. Who falls for a scam where they tell you to buy and pay with ITunes cards?????

What would the government want with iTunes money!!

Many people are just honest, law abiding citizens who want to pay their debt and avoid legal problems. Psycho Wal-Mart Janitor Sep 7th, — 6: Kathrine August 28, at 8: If you believe White and Bartlett as I do, gayness may be found not just in whom you sleep with, but also, perhaps, in the sort of sheets you insist on sleeping between. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information consumer.

Holy crap people can be stupid these days. I just can't believe it! Please understand that these creeps are well trained experts and not everyone is a cynical skeptic. Many people are just honest, law abiding citizens who want to pay their debt and avoid legal problems.

These creeps are specially trained in psychological terrorism. Stop blaming the victim. They were doing what they thought was the good and honest and right thing to do.

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The terrorists use fear and mental manipulation to brainwash these people into buying these cards. It always seems obvious when you're not in the middle of it. These people weren't aware of the scams so they fell prey. Educate rather than ridicule and maybe the next person to read this will be saved from the struggle my daughter suffered at the hands of these monsters. I understand how someone can feel as surprised as you at how people actually fall for this, but as well as being well trained scammers, many of the here are elderly or disabled people who are very vulnerable.

My mother is a brain cancer survivor who is missing a large portion of her brain. She is well care for but also has been blessed with a surprising amount of coherence given her condition.