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Except after we poured it on my head and it ran into my eyes did we read the warning on the bottle Do Not Allow Contact With Eyes. . Usa Baseball Tee Shirt, Gay Pride Tshirt, Snow White Tee Shirts, Mother Day Flag, Memorial Day Headphones, Compression Tee Shirt, Emoji Tshirt Kids, White Tshirts For Adults, Roxy Tee. 22 Apr We have an understanding that you can go or do anything on your lunch that you want, as long as you're back after an hour. Also, as you mentioned in your answer last week to the person who overheard their coworker involved in “adult activities,” these people are adults and old enough to make their own. 7 Oct How did you guys meet, anyway? You're probably the quietest person I've seen Baek befriend.” “We were roommates sophomore year,” explained Kyungsoo, “ and it was honestly the worst for the first six months, but we liked each other enough to room again this year.” “Oh,” Chanyeol said, eyes wide, “so.

They made R2-D2 look like Lawrence Olivier. I'm depressed is why also has to do a lot about school Old guy goes back in his own house.

Okay, so I just watched trick r treat and it's pretty unexpected in a way This movie was going everywhere. I didn't know who was the killer yet, probably the kid in the creepy ass costume on the cover. Well, duh, but I didn't see the kid at all so I watch the first death and then it went to porn on the tv!

Then the movie went on to sluts in a Halloween dressing room and a perverted kid watching them, I can see that little tootsie roll, kid! They're gonna be the firsts to die.

What's happening if anyone cares Right now I'm typing this in my unairconditioned room, the fan broke when I fell asleep watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" and missed my head by a few inches Because I'll tell you something! It usually denotes a special occasion, such as a Psychopathic artist walking through the crowd or a woman removing her top. Build close relationships with fans, develop ancillary profit streams, keep production and promotion costs down, turn every concert and album into an event even if that requires industrial soda sprayersand, most of all, do everything yourself. Mary and Sally, best friends!

Somehow the slutty, big boobed, kid hypnotizing, werewolves! This vampire dude before like killed a girl with his fangs of death! One of the were-sluts took them out, the teeth I clearly don't understand, maybe if I watch it 15 more times Lovley, were-sluts killed the fake vampire Okay, kids kids, I forgot about this "principle" who found this fat kid stealing too many candy pick one NO!

Fat kid just starts putting the fatty po-er I mean candy bars Anyway, principle dude's like, "Go ahead, eat one.

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Prince-evil's like, "Oh, forgot the rule. Always check your candy before eating. I don't like it when kids die so I knew it was gonna be a kid slashing movie. Anyway, prince-evil drags the body inside his comfy little home and shuts the door. Fat kid throws up on his resulting in a blood stained work shirt. Those stains won't come out! But anyway, Prince-evil has guests! Prince-evil hides the body somewhere and the 3 kids at the door angle, alien, pirate go here their candy and scurries away.

Prince-evil drag a bag of the fat kid outside near an already dug out hole! Prince-evil's also got another body in the grave smaller than fat boy's body Ya' know At least clean your shirt!! Prince-evil has a son btw. A Son that's ticking him off when he's working his night job. What a great activity. He manages to roll the fat corpse into the hole on top of mystery kid. Prince-evil starts to dig the bodies but a dog barks. He jumps in the hole with the bodies ew and hides.

An old neighbor dude comes out and talk with prince-evil "what'cha doin'?!

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Prince-evil starts hitting the body with the shovel and after killing the body I think? Old guy goes back in his own house. After burying the bodies, planting a tree, and watering it he goes back inside to "carve a pumpkin" with his beloved son.

Carrying a knife, the son went to a table, behind him however, was prince-evil holding a kitchen knife Michael Myers Style Prince-evil put his hand on his son's head and the son looked up and said, "I need help with the eyes, Daddy. You could hear all the gory sounds of the knife coming out of the head and prince-evil looked at the knife. Then showed his son. Is that the face you're making cause that's sure the face I made.

What did he stab then? It was fat kid's head. The son said again, "Help me with the eyes.

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Ohh, craving a head of the fat kid What a nice father-son Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do This Or What Lyrics Rob Zombie Well, there's more to this movie but that's one of my favorite parts cause you're just not expecting it. Trying to solve but you fail!! They didn't fail cause they outsmarted us! This movie is not just a slasher film but there's also a Freddy Krueger upside down walk scene but not with Freddy but Sam.

Sam is the creepy kid on the cover. Sam is awesome cause he's a Wanna see that movie for free? I only got one word for you Can't get Netflix then idk. I think it's on youtube from people who go through that uploading trouble. Okay, that's all, peeps! I'll keep you up to date with the movies I watched or seen but watched it again. I'll put a little humor in it too "Trick or Treat. Give me something good to eat". It's a pretty good movie. See more would say it's like the Freddy movies only kind of Chucky-ish.

And you have to think a little at the end so yea. All the time there are horror movies now i have a bit of money they are all gone! That happens to me all the time!! The curse of Michael Myers. Damn, I saw a rob zombie Michael Myers doll at fye after Halloween for 10 or 20 bucks and I couldn't buy it!

It made me so angry and I doubt it's there now! I made a Jigsaw doll and a Freddy doll. I bought a Jason doll and a Ghostface doll thing: More from HorrorMadnessPeep yo Yooooo.

I was perfecting my art on the mountains of horror. I was scratching my Rob zombie beard with a pencil, looking to the painted skies, hoping I can return home soon Or at least get a cellphone. I just lost my password and I was going through life stuff. But hey, I'm back! I missed you all and missed drawing for y'all! I http://hookuptime.info/befe/just-started-hookup-a-guy-in-the-navy.php most of you are still around.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do This Or What Lyrics Rob Zombie

I'll do my best to post pictures and doodles on this account again! Through work and sleep and stuff. I need to hook up my scanner but hopefully you guys can deal with cell phone images until then. Sorry Jack, Chucky's back! I'm depressed is why also has to do a lot about school I mean, how do you learn when annoying girls are chewing their gum in my ear!!? At least they can close their fucking mouths!!

But the reason why I'm depressed is cause my best friend is ignoring me ever since Halloween Yea, after school after he yelled at me I cried on my bed and all the Chucky makeup ran down my go here and you know Jigsaw mask, video games, monster drinks And when I see him in the school hallways I die a little inside.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do This Or What Lyrics Rob Zombie

But my other friends I got at least 3 friends don't deserve my grief, so I pretend nothing is wrong. If it wasn't for this friend I would never have made friends, met anime, and most importantly Dx One of my key won't work!!!

I'm going to copy and paste te key If I misspell a word I and don't fix it sorry! I didn't notice then Answer this my go here So nobody tell me their middle name or something stupid like that Simple, answer favorite story DONE! Don't drag me into your fantasies people! Just answer, and here, I'll jiggle your mind to refresh your memory. I love my job You must post these rules Very Important 2.